10 Ways to Identify Arrogant Cyber Security Professionals in Orange County

Many companies are used to dealing with IT Services Providers in Orange County that have bad bedside manners.

Most will write these negative attitudes off to the fact that many techs or geeks just don’t have good people skills and are more comfortable in a dark room working all alone on code. However, the truth is that some of these IT companies with poor customer services skills are really just arrogant and actually look down on you. They act as if you’re stupid and they own your network. Here are 10 way to discover if you’re currently dealing with arrogant IT consultant or just a social cave dweller.

  • They will over Complicate Your Network
  • They Make Demands and don’t offer solutions
  • They use scare tactics
  • They never explain their bills
  • They withhold virtual Server passwords & logon information
  • They withhold your network documentation
  • They can’t play nice with other vendors
  • They will talk over your head
  • They will talk down to you.
  • They will keep you in the dark about changing technology

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