IT Services in Orange County: Is Your Current Wi-Fi Technology Outdated?

IT services Orange County

Businesses of all sizes rely on Wi-Fi technology to keep things running. It makes it simple to send files to a co-worker or to give customers a courtesy connection. According to providers of IT services in Orange County, small businesses often rely on Wi-Fi for most of their network needs.

In many cases, the Wi-Fi gets overwhelmed with the traffic. Things start to slow down and connections drop. This situation puts the company at risk.

Four Signs You Need to Update Your W-Fi

According to IT services experts in Orange County, here are four signs you need to scrap your current Wi-Fi:

#1 The Router Only Supports 802.11a/b/g/n Networks

Wireless technology has made major advances over the past few years. The 802.11ac Wave 2 standard is the one most used in today’s most popular routers. It’s designed to handle multiple connections with ease.

Check your router. It should have its standard printed on the label. If it only supports 802.11a/b/g/n networks, it’s time to upgrade.

#2 Your Employee Count Is Increasing

Each of your employees has two or more connections to the wireless network. As your payroll increases, the number of connections continues to grow. Your outdated router can only take so much.

You need a router that can handle your current needs with enough room for future growth. At the same time, you need access points installed. They help distribute the network load and remove bandwidth stresses

#3 Your Office Equipment Needs More Bandwidth

A lot of office equipment rely on a Wi-Fi connection. Some devices on the list include VoIP phones, IP-powered lights, POS systems, IP-enabled security cameras, and Wi-Fi sound systems. You may be surprised at how many items in your office need a connection.

All this equipment needs its own bandwidth to work correctly. If your current router can’t handle it, you need to upgrade.

#4 The Router Is Older than Everything Else

According to IT consulting experts in Orange County, a lot of small businesses often make it a point to keep their laptops and smart devices up to date. They forget to keep their Wi-Fi technology just as updated. Even worse, the router may be the one provided when the Internet was first installed. It’s just there and keeps doing its job, but it gets slower and slower.


If your Wi-Fi is outdated, it’s time to upgrade your router, install access points, and expand your bandwidth. For help making the smart choices for your business, contact us at Technijian Corporation today. We are the IT services experts Orange County companies know they can trust for technology assistance.

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