How to Secure Your Computer Network with Managed Services in Orange County

managed services Orange County

Securing a computer network is possible, yet the typical business owner/manager does not know where to start. Do not let the prospect of securing your computer network intimidate you. Lean on our managed services team in Orange County for assistance and we will do everything possible to protect your network as well as your IT investment. Below, we shed light on some proven methods for computer network security.

Maintain the Antivirus Software

Fail to update your antivirus software with regularity and your network will be exposed to that much more risk. It is only a matter of time until your unprotected network is breached by hackers. This is precisely why it is so important to update your software to the latest version, including your antivirus software. Instead of worrying about whether you have updated your computer network, do the smart thing by letting our managed services team in Orange County handle network security on your behalf.

Employee Education

Your team should understand the most common types of digital attacks and the signs that such attacks are occurring. Our Orange County IT support team is here to educate your employees on the latest hacking methods, so they understand what threats loom, the signs of those threats and how to avoid falling into one of the many traps set by hackers.

Update Your Passwords Once Every Three Months

In general, your passwords should be updated once per quarter. If you are unsure as to whether your employees’ passwords are acceptable or if you have any other questions about digital security, reach out to us for assistance. We will review your password security, provide suggestions for digital security enhancement and look for additional ways to secure your computer network.

Use a VPN

VPNs generate a secure connection between the computers your team uses while away from the office and the local servers/computers. Such networks are restricted to those who have clearance to access your systems including the wireless network. Once you have a VPN in place, the odds of a hacker pinpointing a wireless access point and infiltrating your system will be dramatically reduced.

It is clear there are plenty of ways to secure your computer network, yet you might not have the personnel, tech, or time to implement these digital safeguards. At Technijian Corporation, our managed services team in Orange County is here to help protect your computer network as well as the rest of your IT investment. Contact us to learn more about our IT solutions.

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