What is SSO?

One of the newest ones on the market today is called SSO, or Single Sign-On. Here’s the exposition: as the market has expanded, more and more applications have become necessary for regular business purposes. Accordingly, those applications must be used securely. Secure use predicates sign-on protocols so that cybercriminal exploitation may be avoided. The thing is, the more successful your business is, the more likely you’ll have applications to contend with that expand on themselves, rather than becoming less complicated. An IT support provider in Anaheim has SSO solutions fit to meet your business’s needs.

Let’s do a little mathematical exploration. Let’s say there are 10 systems your workers must log into on a daily basis. Say it takes a minimum of 10 seconds per login, and such logins must be done at least five times a day between breaks, restroom breaks and general movement throughout the office. That’s 500 seconds per employee on average per day or 8 minutes and 20 seconds per employee. If you’ve got 100 employees, that’s 13.889 hours wasted a day, or 5,069.44 a year. If each hour is only worth $15, including benefits, you’re looking at $76,040+ annually just in extraneous login costs. You need them, though, right? Well, what if you could cut down 5,069.44 hours a year to 506.94 hours a year? Then, you’d only be out $7,604 annually on employee logins. This is possible through SSO.

Basically, such a solution sequesters all application login protocols into one place and allows your workers to securely log in to whatever applications they must with the click of a mouse, rather than individually. As a result, you can cut down your costs by one substantial level of magnitude with each application that must be signed onto. In some organizations, like IBM for instance, there will be dozens of networks that must be signed onto for varying operational needs. As your organization grows, it becomes increasingly important that you should reduce operational costs in terms of time wherever possible. An IT support provider in Anaheim can help you use SSO and other solutions for the purpose of reducing operational expense. There are additional advantages you can experience as well, such as:

Reduction in cost of help desk support – You’re going to have more help desk tickets and calls made when you don’t have SSO because people will forget passwords, lose them or what-have-you, and this will result in a lockout predicating help desk contact. You can expect to lose a statistically predictable quotient of productivity from this. You can expect to see help desk calls diminish substantially with the right SSO solution.

Efficiency and productivity increase – When you cut down on operational impediments, operations proceed more smoothly— facilitating better productivity and efficiency.

Acquiring SSO

IT support in Anaheim through Technijian can help you apply SSO solutions, other security measures and technology options that will help optimize and stabilize your business. Contact us now for technology solutions in many areas of operation, as well as security and consultation for better operations.

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