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IT support companies in Orange County offer security awareness training (SAT) as a primary tool for cybersecurity. The prevalence of cybersecurity breaches today makes it critical to implement staff training to mitigate cybersecurity breaches. To secure your business and keep malicious activity at bay, all of your employees should have knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity. Employees form the first layer of attack against cybercrime, especially for social engineering attacks.

It is critical to have SAT to lower your susceptibility to cybersecurity breaches. Depending on your internal security needs, it is commendable to bring in the services of a specialty IT security firm.

IT support companies in Orange County offer top-level SAT on a specialized level to help your staff understand security risks and how to overcome them. They also offer an ongoing evaluation of the awareness training and build training programs tailor-made for your specific needs. Moreover, they take part in the security testing and give feedback on the level of awareness of your employees.

Types of Training

A security training session with a specialty IT company come in various forms:

  • Classroom training – Here, your staff is engaged by IT specialists on how to address security risks in the classroom-oriented learning where they can ask questions about IT security and get answers in real time.
  • Visual aids – In this setting, posters are distributed to your staff in the strategic compilation in their working space to serve as useful reminders of the security measures to take to avoid falling for cybersecurity breaches.
  • Online training – Online security awareness training takes employees through content in a virtual context to teach them security risks and measures from the convenience of their workstations at their own pace, both at work and after work.
  • Phishing campaigns – To achieve practical hands-on skills on cybersecurity, learners are subjected to phishing attacks, and those who fail to overcome them are enrolled for further awareness training

Subjecting your staff to these forms of training will make them better prepared to handle cybersecurity breaches. Also, enhanced security awareness gives your business a stronger layer of protection from cyber attacks and upholds the attributes of information security, which include:

  • Confidentiality – Limiting access to information only to authorized personnel.
  • Integrity – The storage of critical data and information must be according to a specified IT policy to guarantee it is not lost or accidentally modified.
  • Availability – All staff must be aware of the necessary steps to avoid losing control of access to their web portals or email accounts to hackers through password cracking or phishing attacks.

SAT programs are an effective way for you to communicate security policies to your staff, through the practice of information classification and system access privileges and restrictions. It also serves as a reliable tool to keep your IT security policy constantly relevant. Besides, it helps your employees to develop basic competencies critical to cybersecurity.

At Technijian, we are a leader among IT support companies in Orange County, and we offer SAT as part of our IT security solutions. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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