Microsoft Cloud For Southern California Financial Firms

Many financial firms recognize the need for fast, secure, and scalable digital systems. Fortunately, cloud adoption helps firms satisfy these needs.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Service combines Microsoft’s powerful platforms and systems to help your financial firm deliver quality experiences for your employees and customers.  Furthermore, Microsoft Cloud helps financial firms combat financial crimes, facilitate compliance, and derive rich data insights.


Microsoft Cloud For Southern California Financial Firms

Provide Personalized Customer Experiences and Empower Workers

With Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, you can provide personalized customer experiences by unifying your customer profile through customer insights. You can also deliver seamless customer onboarding experiences for self-service tools and loan apps.

Create comprehensive customer profiles 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights collects your customer’s financial, behavioral, and demographic data to create a single view of the customer. In addition, your employees can use the platform to discover engagement insights to predict customer needs, build trust, and optimize the lead-to-customer process.

With Customer Insights, you can empower your team to analyze customers across platforms, and prioritize high-paying customers without neglecting your newest leads.

Furthermore, with Microsoft Power Apps, you can empower your internal team to create professional-grade apps. Power Apps also lets you integrate customer data into your apps for more customized and powerful tools.

Streamline customer onboarding 

Microsoft Power Platform empowers your team to automate processes, launch apps, and make data-driven decisions, all while improving employee experience. With direct employee participation, your financial firm can innovate tailored platforms for customer onboarding.

Thanks to the low code, the apps are easy to create and deploy. Power Apps also democratizes knowledge and skills across the organization, enabling more employees to participate in the development of their organization.

However, the Power Platform does more than help your team produce apps. You can also automate processes with no-code and AI, launch conversational bots to respond to customer and employee needs, and apply business intelligence.

Improve Your Firm’s Collaboration 

Automated workflows and 24/7 connectivity are the future of collaboration. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform help organizations easily collaborate during projects.

Your employees can share emails on a joint platform, store your files in a shared location, and organize meetings on similar conferencing tools.

You can also co-author documents with employees across Office applications without worrying about losing document changes. In addition, since you’re working on the cloud, everything is automatically backed up online for your use. Finally, your employees can also work together no matter where they are.

Build Your Finance Firm Customer Intelligence 

Customer intelligence helps your financial firm understand customer patterns, motivations, needs and wants, and expectations. Your entire firm, from product development, marketing, sales, and customer service, uses these insights to provide better customer service and boost overall revenue.

From a technology perspective, Microsoft’s suite of applications lays the ideal foundation to empower your business intelligence capabilities. You can capture structured and unstructured data, analyze data for business insights, leverage artificial intelligence for automation, visualize data for better understanding and predict customer behavior and expectations through customer analytics.

Fight Financial Crime

Financial crimes are one of the biggest threats to financial firms. Criminals have evolved into sophisticated tech experts who now use tech tools to infiltrate security systems and illegally access knowledge and digital assets.

As such, financial firms in charge of customer data and operating payment platforms need to detect and trace potential threats. Meanwhile, financial firms also need to trace internal customer activity to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Monitoring customer transactions over time requires the right financial tools.

The Microsoft Cloud for Financial Firms suite of applications helps you fight crimes by giving you overall oversight over your customers. You can also use AI to track customer interactions and identify inconsistencies in financial activity.

Furthermore, with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, your firm can create strict authorization procedures for your customers to prevent fraud. For example, you can use biometric data and location tracking to verify if your customer is transacting with your firm or if an imposter is using their information to steal information and funds.

You can also use Microsoft’s solutions to protect your customers against bot attacks, fake accounts, and account takeover.

Ensure Your Firm’s Compliance, Privacy, and Security 

Thanks to Microsoft’s suite of services, you can speed up and set up compliance for your firm and ensure that you’re working within regulations. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Firms helps you keep up with the latest regulations and track your progress to prevent risk against criminals and competitors.

You can also use the platform to investigate vendors and perform due diligence for compliance before contracting and sharing private financial and business details with them. Furthermore, you can use the Microsoft ecosystem to assess enterprise application readiness for security.

Once you sign up for Microsoft Cloud, you gain access to a dedicated white-glove platform where you can analyze your internal and external risk, audit your company and other vendors, empower your compliance team, and address regulations regarding privacy and security.

Remember that, including financial data, sells like gold in the black market, you cannot afford to deploy ineffective security and compliance systems. The penalties for exposure and breach of private financial information can be detrimental to your firm’s reputation, business, and existence.

Ensure Business Agility 

The Microsoft suite of tools helps you keep your firm agile, which is critical for keeping up with rapid global transactions. Microsoft helps your business stay agile by empowering employees to create and produce with access to the right tools and knowledge.

The cloud also devolves authority and improves the quality of thinking among all workers by giving them access to internal knowledge and course. With Microsoft Cloud, you can also give effective feedback instantaneously to increase the pace of decision-making within the organization.

Help Your Financial Firm Stand Out Today

IT tools are insightful, productive, and efficient, but only when utilized correctly. The Microsoft suite of tools for financial firms helps you improve your business through intelligence, automation, compliance, security, and privacy. Consult Technijian today for IT solutions for your financial firm.

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