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Our Mission? Maintaining The Pulse Of Your Company & Improving Efficiency Through Technology!

“Our pro-active approach to IT services is ideally suited for Orange County area companies who depend on reliable IT support & managed services, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to keep it that way.”
Ravi Jain | President & CEO

Break the barrier of overwhelming upfront capital expenses.

An IT Support Orange County Google Review

"Technijian always goes above and beyond to resolve any task or question I have. Thank you for all your help"
Gabriela M. | Hospitality Services Client

What can our IT services in Orange County help you with?

Endless IT Expenses?

Mobility and Connectivity?

Unreliable Support?

Affordable Compliance?

Security & Information Loss?

Infrastructure Cost?

Training Company-Wide Staff?

Implementing New Software?

Leveraging My Private Cloud technology, Technijian blends convenience with affordability, so you can solve every IT services challenge with one trusted Orange County partner.

Tech Support

Technijian provides our clients with a small group of technicians (we call them Technijians) who work seamlessly in a pod. This allows your Technijians to really get to know you and your network needs, while creating well-planned, integrated solutions.

My Private Cloud

My Private Cloud makes virtual IT support accessible to businesses worldwide and locally in Orange County with scalable, pay-as-you-go monthly expense models.

Compliance & Security

From protecting your company against the liability associated with data breaches to ensuring disaster recovery, Technijian offers a range of solutions to ensure you are properly protected.

Equipment Financing

Imagine the financing you need without the red tape. Technijian offers financing through unique financial programs designed to improve our clients’ profitability. Technijian has become your one-stop financing source for all Technijian products as well as other equipment products for your business.


Today’s consumers expect a seamless user experience online, regardless of device, bandwidth, or online activity. Your Technijian development team partners with you to understand your brand, identify your development and hosting needs, and build customized solutions.

How Technijian's IT Support Works


Seeding & Development

Your unique business idea has taken root and is starting to grow, but you need reliable support to take those next steps...

Start Up

Your concept has become a viable business model and you’ve turned it into a legal entity, but an uphill battle still stretches out in front of you...


With a strong foundation in place, you recognize that your established business must be able to adapt with your ever-changing needs...


As an established and well-recognized expert in your industry, your business is thriving. Now, your future-focused vision is encouraging you to solidify your position and expand...


You’ve made it to the top of your industry, dominating the market with you experience and skill. Your customers are loyal, but expect the best...

The Case For Choosing Our IT Support Plan In Orange County

Why Choose Technijian?

Technijian’s technicians are experts in network maintenance, network planning, IT Consultation, Managed Services, IT services and IT support of networks and systems in the Orange County area.

Our Experts offer a full service & support for your network as well as managed support & solutions, crafted for dependability and flawless performance. Techijian exists to serve as “technology support – your way” so you recieve complete technology support however you want it.

  • Remote Monitoring And Management 24/7
  • Fast Response Time
  • Onsite & Remote Support Service
  • Highly Trained Helpdesk & Ticketing System
  • Live Staff Consultation
  • Varible Monthly Pricing
  • Proactive Monitoring & Security Systems

An IT Support Orange County Google Review

"Technijian is patient, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough and excellent with follow-up. He’s also very good at being available for questions or to solve problems along the way. Superb service!"
Eden U. | Hospitatlty Services Client

Our IT Support Headquarters

Servicing Orange County & Irvine Contact us or stop on by to schedule an appointment with one of our managed services professionals today!

An IT Support Orange County Google Review

"Technijian is amazing and VERY helpful!"
Esther G. | Insurance Services Client

Meet Our IT Services Team In Orange County & Irvine

Our Managed Services Mission Statement For Orange County & Irvine

With “Technology as a Solution” for our motto, Technijian is focused on ensuring the solutions we provide to our clients are all-encompassing, so our clients never should have to search for other services providers to fill in the gaps.

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Frusterated By IT Support That Keeps Letting You Down?

Let Technijian Be Your Solution

Is your business suffering form inadequate support from your existing IT Support provider in Orange County? Companies need reliable IT Support networks that stand behind the hard work that your employees do to grow your business – If your tech is fighting you, Technijian can prevent it from inhibiting the growth & success of your company.

Technijian’s IT support experts provide complete IT Support for Orange County Businesses that ensure the operations of your business. Our proactive monitoring & planning works with you to put your ambitions within reach. We have helped thousands of businesses across Orange County to turn their technology from a deterrent to the backbone of their company.

Call us or email us today to speak to an IT Support rep in Orange County!