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Microsoft Teams Orange County

15 Secret Weapons to Help You Save Time & Effort on Microsoft Teams! 

Technijian provides support for organizations across Orange County running Microsoft Teams. Discover how we can help you. … Read More

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Microsoft 365 Benefits in Orange County

Why Should Industry Leaders Put Their Trust in Microsoft 365?

Experienced business professionals generally understand that goal achievement requires both innovative thought leadership and reliable systems in place. … Read More

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A Guide to NIST

The NIST Framework delivers a set of standards that apply to companies of all sizes across all industries. … Read More

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Doing Business in NY State?

Any business or organization that deals with the private electronic data of NY State residents must be compliant with the NY State Shield Act. … Read More

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Microsoft Forms

Simplify Your Workflow With Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a survey creator that is part of Office 365. The software allows users to create surveys, quizzes and polls. … Read More

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How Your Business Will Prosper With Windows 10 Security Features

How Your Business Will Prosper With Windows 10 Security Features

It is tempting to believe that securing your Windows 10 device is as simple as ticking all the boxes on a checklist. All that is necessary is to install the right software, adjust some of the settings, train users, and move on, right? … Read More

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HIPAA Emphasizes Privacy; HITECH Enforces It

The Differences Between HIPAA and HITECH

If you say HIPAA to anyone today, most people will think of all those forms they have to initial before seeing a doctor. Then, there are the letters that arrive in the mail from their medical providers and healthcare plans, assuring them that their HIPAA privacy rights are being protected. … Read More

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What is the Dark Web

What Is the Dark Web?

Technijian helps organizations throughout Orange County with Dark Web protection and Dark Web scanning. Call us to learn more. … Read More

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Remove Email Distractions During Your Work Day

Top 10 Tips on How to Remove Email Distractions During Your Work Day

Have you ever reached the end of a long, exhausting workday only to find out you haven’t really achieved anything? The thing is, we all have one of those days sometimes. … Read More

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PCI Compliance

The Importance of PCI Compliance For Your Business 

If you run a business, you are probably already familiar with PCI compliance — or ‚ÄúPayment Card Industry‚ÄĚ compliance. PCI serves to minimize suspect activity and/or data theft related to credit card transactions in businesses. … Read More

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