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As your enterprise continues to grow, and you have a large customer base, you’ll need to set up a server to ensure that your business and office network runs efficiently. Organizations need servers to store, exchange, and access data. Data from Statista shows that the global server market revenues surpassed $91 billion in 2020, and the numbers are expected to keep increasing every year. But with various essential decisions and choices to make before setting up a server for your business, many people are unsure of where to start.

In fact, we recently had a client request through our online form service, inquiring about a server set up in their office. The customer runs a small business in Orange, CA, and needs servers with up to five users, three of whom are remote workers. At Technijian, we have a great reputation for providing professional and reliable business server setup and support. With a good server setup and tech support, your company will have a safe and secure storage solution for all your essential data. Our technicians can also help whenever you need server replacement or upgrade to a newer and more modern system. Keep reading for more details.

What Is a Server?

Generally, a server is a powerful computer that a business uses to serve information and software to other computers, employees, and customers. For instance, if you have five users working on different office computers, they should access similar documents and software. All elements should come from a central computer instead of having multiple versions of the same file stored in each machine.

Servers That you can Consider for Your Small Business in Orange, CA

We have had several customers asking us the best server they can consider for their small business. The main thing to consider is what you need the server to do for your business. One key consideration is to have a server that allows your business to grow and has the resources you need.

In most cases, enterprises will often use a separate server for different purposes. Many of the small and medium-sized businesses use servers for the following purposes:

  • Ecommerce hosting
  • Website hosting
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Secure email hosting
  • Hosting line-of-business applications
  • Document storage

Regardless of your business size, proxy servers are one of the most efficient systems. Your web traffic gets routed, and you access it via a proxy. This way, your business has an additional layer of security and protection from public view.

Hardware and Cloud Servers

With the current technologies in the business IT landscape, you can have servers that can care for both in-house and remote workers. Therefore, you can now have an on-premise and cloud-based server based on your business needs. Below are the differences between the two.

On-premise Servers

On-premise servers are the traditional way where businesses buy or build a physical server within their premises. In this case, you pay an upfront cost while also managing the physical server internally and also complete all upgrades and back-ups to your software. You’ll also incur extra costs in housing the server, such as electricity, air conditioning, and more. You can also have an on-premise server that users can access remotely or online.

Cloud Servers

On the other hand, cloud-based servers are available online through a managed and owned cloud service provider. From most of our recent customers who run SMBS, a significant number are increasingly opting for this modern option. In fact, a survey by Gartner shows that a shift to the cloud will affect IT spending by about 28% by 2022. Also, this option is best suited for enterprises with limited IT resources and physical space. Moreover, cloud servers have a lower upfront cost and reduced downtime.

For businesses with a mixture of in-house and remote users, you can get the best of both worlds from both of these server choices from our dependable and stable IT infrastructure.

Server Support Services

Server support seems to be a headache most businesses in Orange, CA, struggle to eliminate. Note that server support is critical to your IT infrastructure’s stability, especially in the modern business landscape that heavily relies on technology. In case of a disruption or outage, there will be a decrease in employee productivity and customer satisfaction that leads to less profitability.

We’ve encountered several business owners who are unsure if they need server support services. Here are the signs to look out for:

  • You struggle to manage or monitor your server’s capacity
  • Your server is at risk of viruses and other malware
  • You have insufficient resources, trained personnel, or both that can perform internal server support tasks
  • Your server is slow or lagging
  • The cost of managing your server is too high
  • A 24/7 support from an IT specialist would be more convenient than fixing issues within the usual working hours

If there are any of the above signs in your enterprise, you need professional server support in Orange, CA.

What You Get from Our Server Support Services in Orange, CA

Some of the benefits of choosing our server support services include:

  • Professional business performance with the right server set up that suits your business
  • Expertly managed IT services that effectively scale up your business to new horizons
  • 24/7 server support services that guarantee better uptime of your business
  • Reliable customer support
  • A smooth business performance owing to our dedicated server support team

Choose Technijian for Your Server Set up and Support Services

Our Technijian IT technicians go through thorough training sessions to keep them up to date with the technological changes in the current business landscape. Therefore, you can be sure that our setup and support services will guarantee the best performance. You can also rely on our prowess to assist you in finding the best business sever that will suit all your organization’s needs for many years to come. Also, when it comes to business server support, we have years of experience helping other businesses that use similar systems. Better yet, we have a quick response time to minimize any incidences of downtime.

Our team will deploy custom server management solutions that meet all your business needs and requirements. We’ll also continuously monitor critical indicators of your business servers as you focus on other key areas of your business. Contact us today for more details about our server support services for your small business in Orange, CA.

Thanks to our friends at Velocity IT in Dallas for their ongoing support of Technijian. Click here to learn more about our friends in Texas.

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Technijian was founded in November of 2000 by Ravi Jain with the goal of providing technology support for small to midsize companies. As the company grew in size, it also expanded its services to address the growing needs of its loyal client base. From its humble beginnings as a one-man-IT-shop, Technijian now employs teams of support staff and engineers in domestic and international offices. Technijian’s US-based office provides the primary line of communication for customers, ensuring each customer enjoys the personalized service for which Technijian has become known.

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