Why You Need Text Marketing For Your Business

Over the years, most have considered text messaging as exceptionally useful in conducting good marketing strategies. Businesses could use texts to communicate and provide updates to their customers, employees, and even leads.

Nowadays, the use of text for marketing purposes, or even business generally, is looked down upon by some business owners who believe that you have to be a tech-savvier to do it effectively. But this notion couldn’t be more removed from the truth. Here is why text marketing is the way to go and how you can do it.

Why Businesses Should Use Text For Marketing

Text messaging is still one of the most powerful ways to market your business. Various reasons support this reasoning, and here we look at some of the most viable.

Text marketing is cheaper to implement

One of the main reasons why most marketers recommend text marketing is its affordability. To get started, you don’t need any special devices or technologies. A simple computer or even a phone is enough. This aspect makes it especially suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have lots of funds to spare on marketing.

They are direct, precise, and more likely to be read

If you were to look at your smartphone, you would realize that you have almost zero unread texts. Contrarily, you will find numerous month-old unread emails. Statistics show that mobile users open and read 90% of all messages inside the first 3 minutes of reception.

You could raise this rate further using push notifications since your recipients can read their content without unlocking their mobile devices. At this rate, not including text marketing in your advertisement strategies would be a mishap.

Additionally, text messages are typically short and precise due to character limits. This element makes them more apt for communication with customers than emails.

Text messaging is easier and quicker

Since text marketing does not rely on the internet connection, it is easier and quicker to share and respond to messages. You will notice that whenever you have time-sensitive information to share and that requires an immediate response, bulk text messages will serve you best, especially when communicating with a large audience.

According to statistics, SMS response rates are about 45% which is considerably higher than emails at a mere 6%. At such high rates, text messaging is such a powerful tool. Additionally, with most people preoccupied at work, SMS comes in handy as they do not impose on their time.

Text messages feel personal and less intrusive

One of the most vital parts of any marketing strategy is the personal touch. Advertisements communicated in a way that feels particular to customers are more convincing to them. The best way to achieve this personal touch is through text messaging.

When using text to market your business, always remember to treat the conversation as a personal dialogue. You may send attention-grabbing MMS images that will prompt them to purchase. However, note that filling your customer’s phones with sperm rather than actionable information would defeat the purpose.

Text messaging apples to all people despite their class, gender, or age

In 2020, people bought around 1.3 billion mobile smartphones worldwide. Such high sales volume indicates that people from all walks of life own a cellphone. Therefore, you can be sure that text messaging will reach all kinds of people regardless of their class, gender, or age. This element gives you an edge, unlike other means such as emails that can only reach a portion of adults and business people.

The versatility of Text marketing

In any marketing, strategy versatility is among the most crucial aspects. Text messaging embraces this element by allowing you to carry out different functions such as sales marketing, support, and operations. Versatility in this sense gives you room for maneuvering and helps you cut costs.

It works for both small and big businesses

Due to its simplicity and affordability, anyone can use text marketing regardless of their business size. These elements make it applicable in small and big businesses that need to reach a large audience. Furthermore, for big corporations, text messaging enables better customer service, for example, by sending out coupons or warnings as soon as they come up.

To start up SMS services, all you need is a 3CX hosted PBX. Complicated as it might sound, it is relatively easy to set up. Below are the three steps for this procedure.

  1. Choose and set up an account with the MMS/SMS provider you intend to use.
  2. Login to the portal and then set up all the numbers. Make sure that your number of choices has MMS and SMS capabilities since not all support these services.
  3. Proceed with the respective documents, configuring the provider with a 3CX.

Benefits Of 3CX Outside Of Marketing

Besides marketing, 3CX can support other vital aspects of your business. Below are some of the crucial benefits of having a 3CX.

  1. For Voice. 3CX supports both desktops/laptops and mobile phones, making it possible for your customers to dial you on the numbers that suit them best. Call recording is also possible with this PBX.
  2. For Support. 3CX offers live chat where you can receive and reply to your customers’ queries. Emails are also possible through the platform, making it easy to communicate with the customers.

To get quality 3CX hosted PBX, contact us at Technijian. We give you complete control, unlike other solutions that leave you with hefty bills and no flexibility. Host with us, and we will take care of updates and monitoring while you run your dedicated communication system with maximum flexibility. Bring your SIP trunk, keep control of your phone numbers and save!

What is more, our hosted PBX rings in at just a fraction of the price of comparable VoIP solutions, with more benefits. 3CX’s cloud PBX also includes integrated video conferencing software, mobile apps for iOS and Android, website live chat, Facebook messaging integration, and much more. Don’t settle for just any phone system. Choose 3CX’s hosted PBX.


Text marketing is the next big thing for your business. The future of advertising will be text-based as it targets a larger audience, feels personal, and is easy to manage. It is also cost-effective compared to other marketing, making it the best option for all businesses. Do not get left behind. Set up your SMS today and let us provide you with quality hosted PBX services. Call us today to get started!

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