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Think AI Consulting Case Study with Technijian

In the tech industry, nested B2B provider services are par for the course. An IT company can easily be customer-facing, provide direct services for small businesses, or become a white-label simply by moving the slider between client and business partner. This is something Technijian experienced first-hand in regards to a recent partnership with Think AI Consulting.

This case study will follow the problems faced by Think AI Consulting and how Technijian became their ideal white-label solution for Microsoft 365 IT support.

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The Problem

The Client: Think AI Consulting

Think AI Consulting is a custom software development company that integrates AI into innovative and self-learning software. They provide specialty development services to clients who know what they want.

Their services range from lifelike chatbots to enterprise project management solutions. They also provide several varieties of IT support to their clients as part of a well-rounded service offering.

Concierge 365 Support

Many of Think AI’s clients use Microsoft 365. In addition to software designed to work with 365, clients naturally also want IT support for the entire business software system. However, Think AI doesn’t specialize in supporting Microsoft 365, they specialize in custom development.

Typically, Think AI provides a white-label concierge 365 support line for clients. Clients will email Think AI for tech support and their outsourced partners would provide the solutions. This is a neat and tidy way to provide ongoing support to clients while ensuring the right specialists are on the job. As you might expect, the costs of Think AI’s outsourced IT support was conveyed to the customer through the quoted cost of the support service.

This system has worked well for some time, but then Think AI hit a snag; an unhappy client.

Think AI’s Client Needs Microsoft 365 Support – At a Better Price

Think AI has a valuable client who would like ongoing Microsoft 365 IT support as part of their services. But they were unhappy with the quoted cost of IT support offered by Think AI. Unfortunately, Think AI couldn’t lower the cost, they were already at too close a margin with their current outsourced 365 support provider.

Think AI needed a new IT support provider at a lower cost, but still meeting their white label quality standards.

What Makes an Ideal 365 Support Partner for Think AI?

  • IT support for Microsoft 365 environment
  • 24/7 Support they can count on
  • Can answer questions and connect with clients
  • Able to handle tickets directly or indirectly
  • 365 Support at a better price

The problem was this: Think AI requires a partner who can provide reliable 24/7 tech support and help clients who require Microsoft 365 answers. Their current provider meets their quality standards, but they are notably expensive in the current IT pricing landscape.

Think AI also has a client who will not pay the high cost for Microsoft 365 support, but still wants the support to be provided. In order to keep the client, Think AI needed to find an IT provider who could offer 24/7 support for Microsoft 365 problems submitted by Think AI clients. They also needed a team willing to work as a white-label partner, so that support tickets sent through Think AI would appear to come back from Think AI without an intervening contact in the communication chain.

The Cure

Finding the Solution in Technijian

Fortunately, Think AI found Technijian which fulfills all of their current requirements and priorities for an ideal 365 support partner. Technijian offers support from Microsoft 365 experts and technicians are available reliably 24/7, which is exactly what Think AI Consulting was looking for to fit their internal needs. The price is also reasonable, and considerably lower than the competing provider, which suited the needs of Think AI’s client.

An Existing Partnership is Revisited

How did Think AI discover that Technijian was the cure to their problem? They had an existing relationship from a previous team effort. Initially, it was Technijian who turned to Think AI for a solution.

Some time ago. Technijian was providing Sharepoint and on-site server support to a client. The client then gained new leadership and chose to move to the cloud. Technijian required cloud solutions and reached out to Think AI for software to bridge the gap. This partnership worked out so well that there was already the groundwork for a more permanent partnership in the future.

When Think AI needed a lower-cost but still responsive and high-quality IT provider, they turned to their old friends at Technijian and found the perfect solution.

The Fit is Good and the Client is Pleased

On the test-flight and initial problem-solution. Think AI connected with Technijian to provide Microsoft 365 support at a lower cost to their unhappy client. The client was not only satisfied, but they were also pleased with their work done with the Technijian team. The client’s needs were well matched with Technijian’s expertise and overall, it was a good fit. The two teams of Think AI and Technijian also worked well together.

Long Term Benefits of a Money-Saving Move

In addition, the lower cost sought out for one client provides long-term benefits. By switching permanently to Technijian as their go-to 365 support, Think AI could lower their price and potentially increase their margin with their concierge IT support services.

How Think AI is Providing White-Label Support with Technijian

Last but not least was the white label arrangement. Think AI likes to provide a smooth branded experience to clients who commission custom software and solutions. Even though they don’t serve Microsoft 365 support in-house, all support tickets go through communication with Think AI.

The solution with Technijian was to provide a single-point email address. Clients send an email to an address; an email that can be answered by any of the Technijian technicians on the 24/7 shift. Clients get answers fast, but also enjoy a unified Think AI branded experience.

The Current Situation

How things are running today is built on that first successful partnership. Think AI’s white label support system for Microsoft 365 questions is working perfectly. Think AI is able to continue offering Microsoft 365 support at a lower cost, while still meeting its high standards for 24/7 responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Technijian can quickly answer questions through the unified email address under the Think AI brand.

Think AI can keep its customers happy with full-service software support and Technijian is proud to build a valuable new white label partnership with Think AI as a client-partner.

Looking for a Microsoft 365 support solution? Contact us today to consult with Technijian experts on your business’ IT services needs.

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Technijian was founded in November of 2000 by Ravi Jain with the goal of providing technology support for small to midsize companies. As the company grew in size, it also expanded its services to address the growing needs of its loyal client base. From its humble beginnings as a one-man-IT-shop, Technijian now employs teams of support staff and engineers in domestic and international offices. Technijian’s US-based office provides the primary line of communication for customers, ensuring each customer enjoys the personalized service for which Technijian has become known.

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