How SD-WAN is revolutionizing Hospitality Internet Services

With clients demanding free wifi and realizing a good internet connection is more important than the location of the hotel or even the attitude of the staff.

Hotels face the challenges of providing the right connectivity to deliver this critical quality service. So much so some hotels are planning for up to 8 connected devices per hotel room.

SD-WAN solutions like Technijian’s My Private Cloud can help hotels by doing the following:

Enables bonding of all available links – load balancing across all links to deliver the best performance possible (this can be across MPLS, consumer broadband, or 4G etc).

  • Path conditions – reduces loss and errors to create a secure, private line like performance. Many customers are finding that “Gold Badge” services like MPLS are no longer required as they are getting similar performance from the Internet at a fraction of the cost.
  • Provides WAN Optimization – de-duplication, compression etc.
  • Visibility – how are guests consuming the internet, and what applications are they using? (Hotels may not be interested in this, or even want to know!) However, if there are any issues and residents are complaining, it’s no longer a case of calling the Service Provider to ask if the link is up or down. The Enterprise has complete visibility of the network and the applications to aid quick resolution.
  • Choice – No longer locked into one specific Service Provider. Better connectivity with another supplier? No problem, go buy it and monitor performance centrally. Mix and match the service providers of your choice, selecting the best performing connections for each geographical location to provide a highly resilient WAN.
  • Private Cloud– No longer hotels need to house the servers on-site but can securely host them in a private cloud and scale up and down as needed. For hospitality management groups, this means that a group of hotels can have a common set of servers or applications across the portfolio allowing the group to scale costs and increase profitability.

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