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3 Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services in Irvine

Many businesses struggle with the decision of outsourcing IT services in Irvine or if they should solely rely on their in-house IT team. While an internal IT staff may be able to fix common problems, they can quickly become overwhelmed if your business suffers from a significant data breach or a cyber attack. However, hiring a managed service provider (MSP) can help minimize these problems while also enabling your company to operate at a much more efficient level. Here are three benefits of hiring an IT provider instead of solely relying on an in-house IT department:

1. Cost Efficiency

One of the main selling points of using an MSP is that it is much more cost-efficient than hiring internal IT staff. For example, partnering with an MSP at a fixed monthly rate will enable your company to stay within budget easily. On the other hand, the costs of staffing your own IT team can quickly add up once you include overtime, holidays, insurance, and other benefits. Many small to mid-sized businesses are unable to afford the expenses of an internal IT department, but employing an MSP is an affordable solution that gives a business access to state-of-the-art technology.

2. Technical Support

Another benefit of outsourcing to an IT services provider in Irvine is that it allows your company to receive technical support at any time, day or night. If you have any questions, the IT staff is only one phone call away from helping you find a solution to any of your IT problems. Besides the availability, an MSP will also provide around-the-clock monitoring services to ensure that everything is working at an optimal level. If anything suspicious is detected, the IT support experts will immediately investigate the issue and fix it before it becomes widespread and develops into a severe problem.

3. Access to Best Technology

It can be difficult for a business to keep up with the latest technology. However, having an MSP will enable your business to gain access to the best technology as soon as it becomes available. Instead of using outdated software, an MSP can ensure that your business will receive frequent updates. Ultimately, this will have a substantial impact on productivity and enable your business to operate more efficiently, without being limited by outdated technology.

Outsourcing to an IT services provider in Irvine offers many more benefits than using an in-house IT team. Instead of worrying about going over budget, a business that outsources its IT needs will gain access to the best technology and technical support available. Technijian is an MSP that offers cost-effective services to businesses of all sizes. We recognize the importance of always being available to provide support and answer questions at any time of day. We focus on giving the best customer services possible while also ensuring that each client is well-protected with the latest cybersecurity. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your IT needs, contact us now to discuss these details further.

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Technijian was founded in November of 2000 by Ravi Jain with the goal of providing technology support for small to midsize companies. As the company grew in size, it also expanded its services to address the growing needs of its loyal client base. From its humble beginnings as a one-man-IT-shop, Technijian now employs teams of support staff and engineers in domestic and international offices. Technijian’s US-based office provides the primary line of communication for customers, ensuring each customer enjoys the personalized service for which Technijian has become known.

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