Monitor Your Employees Efficiently with IT Services in Irvine

IT services providers in Irvine provide employee monitoring services for a number of reasons, chief among them this reality: threats in terms of technology commonly manifest internally. This happens for a number of reasons.

Sometimes employees make mistakes, sometimes they get disgruntled, sometimes they’re malicious–but your worst IT threats are going to develop not from external cybercriminals, but from practices that take place inside your company.

Employee Monitoring Helps Reduce Internal Threats

IT services professionals in Irvine can help you most efficiently and effectively monitor employees, making sure they are practicing proper protocols and they aren’t acting maliciously. It’s important to have IT services options for your operational security. Several key areas the right tech company can help you keep an eye on include:

  • Internet utility
  • Email practices
  • Telephone interaction
  • Location of employees

Internet Utility

IT services providers can help you monitor how employees use the internet, and help you identify problem areas to “cordon off” via firewall and other means. This assures employees don’t access what they shouldn’t and helps you get an idea who isn’t on the “up-and-up” when using your company’s web connection.

Email Practices

This is where you’re going to have a lot of cybercrime intrusion. Emails from cybercriminals will usually exercise a few strategies, such as phishing, where more powerful personnel are targeted.

Emails can look very official, but be totally illicit. The right MSP can help apprise you of developing threats and make it so your business exercises protocols that naturally prevent intrusion through this avenue. Email monitoring is key.

Telephone Interaction

IT service experts can help you institute proper quality analysis of telephone interactions. Social engineering hacks often transpire through the telephone–check out this link, where a woman poses as the wife of an account holder to illegally steal his information.

Basically, social engineering hacks are low-level con jobs that can be quite effective. Analysis of telephone usage helps you be positive employees use their resources in the right way and don’t incidentally give up proprietary secrets.

Location of Employees

This particular employee monitoring tactic may not be useful for all businesses. However, RFID chips and IoT devices make it possible to essentially track any employee using company tech or keycards. This is a great way to assure workers aren’t getting into things they shouldn’t.

Protection from Internal Threats

At Technijian, our IT services team in Irvine can help you monitor employee location, telephone use, email use, internet use, and more. Contact us now for more information on best practices in terms of operations, technology use, and general employee monitoring. We also provide IT consulting services in Orange County.

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