How IT Services Providers in Orange County Can Help You Rebuff the Bots

IT services providers in Orange County can help you stave off attacks from digital robots or bots. If you’re unfamiliar, bots are software designed to imitate legitimate users in order to either foist advertisement at you or in some other way undermine your business. It turns out that 43% of all login attempts are from bots. Four out of ten! That’s a pretty considerable figure. It’s like your site, platform, or network is being attacked by robot hordes on a daily basis–especially if you’re a bigger business that employs thousands of employees who login multiple times every day. It’s like a soft version of the robot apocalypse, but striated through the professional business world and hailing from cybercriminal overlords.

Cybercrime is Big Money

The thing is, there’s big money in cybercrime these days. How big? It is estimated that expenses related to cybercrime will top $6 trillion by 2021. That’s pretty substantial! To put that into perspective, the US national debt is $21 trillion and counting. So cybercrime by 2021 will be more than 25% of the current US national debt–maybe right on the money if the current administration can’t slow things down a bit.

Safeguarding Systems

IT services providers in Orange County can help you safeguard your system against such concerted, continuous cybercriminal intrusion through a number of strategic solutions. It turns out that cybercriminal intrusion of this kind results from expanded automation and increased levels of data mining. Accordingly, you need solutions that can automatically repel bots.

One way this is done is through establishment of a bot identifying protocol. Have you ever been asked to enter in a “captcha” phrase? Well, bot-login reduction is the reason for this. Such methods can reduce false logins. Additionally, Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help you ensure endpoints local and remote are properly maintained. They can be monitored, shut down remotely, and rebooted. Anomalous cybercriminal activity need not be the scourge it could be for the business that operates without any protections.

If you don’t think this is a serious issue, just consider how social media has been affected. There are entire bot armies which are being continuously used to affect the political process–and social media outlets like Facebook refuse to kill them off; make whatever conclusions you like from that factoid. What they may or may not realize is they’re facilitating an underhanded industry that must maintain its bottom line even when social media clients aren’t buying. That means— cybercrime!

Secure Operations

IT services in Orange County from Technijian can help you avoid being undermined by pernicious cybercriminal bots that will unchecked, barrage your network. Contact us now for security solutions.

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