Implementing Employee Monitoring: Best Practices for Success

Your success as a business is largely dependent on how productive your team is. Every employee has a role to play in helping you achieve your business targets, so if they slack, the rest of the company feels it. Thanks to technology tools, it’s become easier than ever to monitor employee productivity in the workplace. As a manager, you can get assistance picking the most fitting software for your team from IT services experts in Orange County.

Keys to a Successful Employee Productivity Monitoring Program

A productivity monitoring program is essential to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight and not willingly violating company policies. Implementing it successfully takes a lot of thought and understanding of the dynamics involved, particularly as they relate to manager-employee relationships.

One of the most important things to remember when getting started is that your employees are only human. You should have reasonable expectations of how much work they can cover each day. You must also appreciate what makes for a healthy and respectful work environment. It’s normal for people to need breaks every so often, whether this is to stretch, use the restroom, or converse with co-workers. When you work with IT consulting firms in Orange County, you can find software that meets your specific needs, but the foundation has to be right.

A second key part of any monitoring program is the need for respect and trust. Any method you decide to utilize must never violate the privacy and rights of those you are monitoring. You should be gathering sensitive personal information or tracking your employees inappropriately.

One of the issues that breed fear, distrust, and unhealthy workplace culture is the lack of transparency many managers resort to when setting up and making use of productivity monitoring tools. Before you have a productivity system in place from IT services experts in Orange County, be sure to inform your employees that you are going to be tracking various metrics. This isn’t the time to catch people unawares or monitor them without specifying what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Transparency is crucial if you are to maintain good relationships with your team. As a manager, as you use various methods to drive productivity in your team, you also must explain the need and purpose of the monitoring program.


Employee productivity monitoring can be very useful in any business setting. It needs to be well structured in a proper policy and conducted transparently and ethically. IT services experts in Orange County provide different tools, which can be customized to meet the needs of different businesses. At Technijian, we can help you with employee productivity monitoring to enhance your operations. Contact us to learn more.

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