The Most Important Hidden IT Risks Identified by Our IT Support Team in Orange County

As time progresses, the IT landscape gradually changes. Many more businesses are transitioning to an IT environment that is centered on the use of browsers and web applications. As a result, IT management problems have increased by a significant amount. The unique qualities of web application architecture are a large part of what spurs such challenges.

If your business is not careful, you will become less efficient while succumbing to digital security threats and ultimately waste a ton of money. Below, our IT support team in Orange County highlights some of the most important hidden IT risks.


Legacy ActiveX controls are built directly into Windows operating systems. In fact, these controls are commonly required for compatibility purposes. Legacy components put IT security at risk, presenting an array of challenges that are best handled by managed IT services experts in Orange County. Though some tech gurus have called for the disabling of ActiveX, doing so would eliminate this essential component of enterprise internet applications. Rest easy, our IT support team in Orange County is here to help with your ActiveX challenges.

Zero-Day Browser Exploits

That many more zero-day vulnerabilities arise with each passing year. The average zero-day browser attack lasts more than 300 days. It costs less than six figures for a hacker to purchase a vulnerability that has the potential to set your business back millions of dollars. Unfortunately, your company’s line-of-business applications operating in the browser make zero-day exploits that much more dangerous.

The bottom line is you need a sound strategy to prevent zero-day exploits. Otherwise, your business tech might not function as designed. When in doubt, lean on our IT support team for assistance. We understand the nuances of zero-day browser exploits better than most. Furthermore, we are willing to delve into the nuances of your unique tech and systems to maximize digital security protection.

Be Mindful of Shadow IT Data Exposure

Shadow IT has quickly become a major blind spot to business workflows as well as organizational data, generating considerable security risks. Furthermore, shadow IT has resulted in significant differences between the reality of IT and user expectations. Shadow IT has effectively reduced IT security. However, our team is here to help. Lean on us for tech assistance and we will minimize your IT risk in every way possible.

At Technijian Corporation, our IT support team in Orange County can help ensure your company does not fall into these IT traps. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help with your tech challenges.

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