Malware Threats

Malware Threats and How Our IT Support Experts in Anaheim Can Help You Avoid Them

Take a moment to think about the digital devices your employees use to access the web and internal company systems. From desktop computers to laptops, tablets, smartphones and beyond, we all depend on computing devices to complete work. Unfortunately, every single one of these devices is susceptible to malicious software. Our IT support specialists in Anaheim are here to help prevent malware from ruining your computers and wreaking havoc at your business.

The Basics of Malware

Malware installs itself on computers in a covert manner. Malware can infiltrate a computer by way of a rootkit, spyware, worm, virus, logic bomb, Trojan horse or another avenue. Though malware threats are inherently dynamic, protections are also improving as time progresses. Unfortunately, evildoers are more than willing to develop a malware replacement or update to make their attacks that much more effective against the latest lines of defense.

Below, our IT support team details some of the nastiest malware threats. You can combat these threats with the assistance of our IT support professionals in Anaheim, installation of antivirus software, firewalls and timely implementation of the latest updates for your computers. It will also help to keep your operating system updated, be cautious when opening email attachments and suspect the worst from unfamiliar websites.

Here are some types of malware threats:


Loyphish is nothing more than a phishing page designed to pilfer login credentials. This phishing page looks like a regular banking page, yet it lays a trap in the form of an online form where users leave their sensitive data. The information filled out on this page is transmitted to a remote hacker, as opposed to the bank.


Also known as ZeroAccess, Sirefef discretely conceals its presence, disabling the system’s security barriers. If you download pirated software, you might end up with Sirefef. Sensitive data is transmitted to hosts in remote locations while Windows firewall and defender are attacked.


This ransomware worm is transmitted through unsolicited email messages. WannaCry initially infiltrated computers lacking the latest operating system version, yet it has evolved in recent years. WannaCry is now comprised of two parts: a worm that permits self-propagation and ransomware that holds company systems hostage until the ransom is paid. WannaCry access computers through phishing emails. Though most such attacks are made against private computers, companies and agencies of all types are vulnerable to this nasty online attack.

At Technijian, our IT support team in Anaheim provides essential protection against malware and other digital threats. Reach out to us now for more information about our digital protection strategies and other tech services. We also provide IT services for Orange County businesses. Contact us now!

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