IT Support in Orange County: Why So Many Small Businesses Are Leaning on Virtualization

IT Support in Orange County: Why So Many Small Businesses Are Leaning on Virtualization

If you have not heard about the merits of virtualizing your small business, don’t feel bad. Virtualization is a relatively new technology that is gradually being implemented at small businesses across the globe. Below, our IT support team in Orange County sheds light on the many reasons to virtualize your small business.

Boost the Lifespan of Older Applications

If your small business is like most others, you have legacy applications in use. Such applications are problematic in that they are unlikely to function on today’s operating systems, they might not work with newer hardware or your tech personnel does not want to deal with them. In some cases, the individual who created these applications is not around to provide updates. Opt for virtualization with the help of IT support professionals in Orange County and you will extend the life of your applications, boost uptime and finally modernize your business.

Maximize Uptime

The majority of server virtualization platforms provide a slew of advanced features unavailable on traditional physical servers. As a result, uptime increases. Even though the names of vendor features might be different, they typically provide capabilities ranging from storage migration to increased availability, fault tolerance, etc. Such tech helps virtual machines function or at least provides them with the ability to bounce back from unexpected outages. Furthermore, the fact that you will be able to shift a virtual machine to a new server will prove quite helpful.

Facilitate Movement to the Cloud

Once your servers are virtualized and the hardware is abstracted, your company will be properly prepared for a transition to the cloud. The initial step might be a transition from the basic virtualized data center to the cloud. You can reach out to our managed IT services team in Orange County to help you make a seamless transition to the cloud.

Application Isolation

In the tangible realm, data centers are shifted to a single app/server with the aim of isolating applications. As a result, physical server sprawl occurs, costs spike and servers are not properly utilized. Opt for server utilization and you will benefit from application isolation that eliminates application compatibility challenges with a consolidation of virtual machines across a minimal number of physical servers. The fact that server waste is reduced through the utilization of the physical server resources and virtual machine provisioning is an added benefit.

At Technijian Corporation, our IT support team in Orange County will help you virtualize your small business. Reach out to us now to find out more about our virtualization service and other tech services.

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