How Managed Services in Orange County Ensures HIPAA Compliance

Online security and privacy are two of the most important issues that businesses and managed services providers in Orange County should be concerned about. Although there’s a perception that HIPAA compliance pertains only to hospitals and law firms, the truth … Read More

IT Support Experts in Orange County Say HIPAA Compliance Is No Joke

According to IT support experts in Orange County, the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, more popularly known as HIPAA, transformed the way the healthcare industry handled patient information. If someone mishandles a patient health record today, they could … Read More

Understand HIPAA Compliance with Your IT Services Provider in Orange County

The Government Holds You Responsible IT services providers in Orange County have made it their business to follow legal guidelines pertaining to the tech industry completely. They know the law and they’re going to go above and beyond in order … Read More

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