Unlock Cost Savings: Technijian Makes Microsoft 365 More Affordable for All Businesses

Microsoft 365 is an outstanding business tool that helps you to boost connectivity and productivity for your business. However, purchasing such a robust tool directly from a recognized vendor can be costly, particularly for growing businesses that need to watch their expenses.

The current business environment needs people to work from home or forces them to shut shop entirely temporarily. Having a cloud solution like Microsoft 365 is crucial to business continuity and growth.

However, there is a surprising statistic: About 44% of businesses with Microsoft 365 underutilize their subscriptions by purchasing a more expensive product that they need. At Technijian, we have unparalleled expertise in the management of cloud solutions. We can help growing businesses in LA and Orange County save money and get the most of their Microsoft 365 experience.

Benefits Of Microsoft 365 For Growing Businesses

Microsoft 365 is a cloud computing platform that will revolutionize your business culture and offer an immediate boost to your team’s productivity. More than just another productivity suite, Microsoft 365 offers you an integrated collection of services and applications within a familiar face. The platform encompasses Microsoft Office’s popular Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, OneDrive, and OneNote delivered from the cloud to all your internet-connected devices regardless of their operating systems.

There are unique advantages to using Microsoft 365 for your growing business, including:

1. Higher Productivity

Offering your team the tools they need to produce their best work will not only raise their morale but have a positive effect on your bottom line.

According to a Forrester report on the average Return on Investment for companies using the Microsoft 365 suite, businesses with 500 – 1000 users polled reported an average ROI of 162%. They were able to cut down support time by up to 50%. The report also showed that thanks to real-time access to information, managers, analysts, and salespeople made faster and better decisions.

By helping you access M365 more affordably, Technijian helps you get even greater ROI on your cloud computing and increase your productivity. Higher staff productivity for your staff translates to happier clients.

2. Worry-Free Performance and Seamless Integration

Microsoft 365 provides seamless integration with your network and existing systems. By offering your team familiar tools whenever and wherever they need them, and by providing 24/7 product support, you not only add M365 to your business’ productivity toolbox, it becomes the toolbox. Technijian is the solutions partner you need to help you milk every last drop out of the services and applications in Microsoft 365.

3. High Data Security

It is only natural if you are concerned about your data’s security and integrity when it resides in the cloud. However, you do not need to be worried. Technijian provides choices, including Hybrid Cloud Computing, and incorporates proprietary data security features that ensure your sensitive data’s privacy. Microsoft 365 also includes a Compliance Manager feature to ensure that you meet the necessary standards if you operate within a highly regulated industry like healthcare, finance, or defense.

4. Easy, Real-Time Collaboration

Dream it, develop it, create it, and edit it – then you can share your creation in an instant with whoever you want, on whatever device they use, wherever they are, in real-time. Microsoft 365 provides you with a range of collaboration features that include content sharing, shared calendars, HD video conferencing, team chat, and more.

With Microsoft 365, your team can now easily collaborate with someone in the next room, in your regional office, or on the other side of the world. You do not need to waste your time or resources trying to get your distributed team on the same page, and, best of all, you do not need to add any expensive physical resources.

How Technijian Solutions Help You Save Money On M365 Subscription

With so many applications, processes, tools, and services within Microsoft 365, you could be quickly overwhelmed if you do not know where to start. If you do not have proper management of the solution or M365 is beyond your in-house IT department’s skill scope, you might not enjoy the full benefits of this powerful cloud solution. You might even overpay for unnecessary features.

At Technijian, we help you make the most of your cloud computing experience by offering the Microsoft 365 suite with the following cost-saving features:

1. Fixed Monthly Access

One of the biggest reasons why so many businesses use Microsoft 365 as their communication and collaboration suite of choice is the solution’s cost-effectiveness compared to traditional Office installations. What’s more, Office 365 provides many more features and perks compared to Office 2019. For instance, O365 gives you 60 minutes of Skype calling credits and 1TB of OneDrive storage every month to lower a business’s overall communication and storage costs.

However, some providers structure their charges for managed Microsoft 365 solutions on a per-year basis, making it difficult to budget for your tech needs on an ongoing basis. However, Technijian provides a low, fixed billing structure, payable each month, making it easier for your growing business to access the tools it needs to succeed.
By providing shorter contracts, we also allow you to quickly scale up or down on your solution monthly at a minimal cost.

2. No Additional Charges For Optional Features

Subscription to Microsoft 365 is on a per-user basis, allowing you to install the complete Microsoft Office productivity suite on as many devices as you need and sign in to up to five devices simultaneously. However, Microsoft may charge you for additional services that you require.

For instance, you need to pay $1000 for a cloud firewall and carry out the setup yourself. Technijian has a data center firewall that we set up to protect our clients’ managed systems at no extra charge, offering significant savings in setup and management charges. Technijian tries to make your Microsoft 365 experience as close as possible to leasing a physical server. All you pay for is a fixed monthly cost, with no sudden price hikes to surprise you.

We offer several other added extras at little or no charge, making our solutions affordable for growing businesses operating on restricted budgets. For example, our virtual server solution also provides you with complimentary data backup and replication.

3. Affordable and Effective Cybersecurity Compliance

Suppose your company relies heavily on IT systems for your daily operations. In that case, you know just how important data privacy and security are for your business’s survival and growth, primarily when your information and applications reside in the cloud.

Some of the security services we offer are:

  • Antivirus protection
  • File backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring solutions
  • E-Mail archiving
  • E-Mail scanning and encryption

For this reason, Technijian offers businesses in LA, Orange County, and surrounding areas with comprehensive cloud data security solutions, 24x7x365 monitoring for possible attacks, and extensive staff cybersecurity awareness training. We help you protect your private information and that of your customers, suppliers, and partners.

4. Compliance Solutions To Help You Avoid Penalties

Ensuring your systems’ security and the privacy of the data you process, store, and transmit in the cloud is not just sound business practice -the law requires it. Industry requirements like the PCI DSS, federal regulations like SOX and HIPAA, and state protection mandates may require a certain security level for cloud applications. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in costly fines and remediation measures or business loss.

Technijian are highly experienced in carrying out regulatory compliance audits and will help you ensure that your systems are up to the standard required by your industry or governmental regulator.

5. Affordable Managed Support

Like any other IT solution, your Microsoft 365 apps need constant monitoring, support, and maintenance to ensure that they run smoothly and securely.

Microsoft includes some technical support for Microsoft 365. However, the subscription covers only support for installation and activation problems for Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise. Troubleshooting and fixing application use problems are not part of the subscription.

Technijian helps you get around this problem by providing full support for our managed Microsoft 365 setups for businesses. We offer your growing business access to a multi-disciplinary technical support team of technicians (we prefer to call them Technijians!) that proactively maintain all of your Microsoft 365 applications. With experience in a range of industries, our team will help you avoid the costs associated with lengthy downtime by catching any problems before they can escalate and interrupt service to your customers.

Get Affordable And Reliable Cloud Solutions For Your Growing Business

Saving on costs does not necessarily mean that you have to lower the quality of the product. At Technijian, our ultimate goal is to help you cut down on waste and ensure that you get maximum value for your money. In the prevailing global situation, you cannot afford to waste money on services and products that your business does not need. Technijian gives you a way to get around rigid licensing structures and quickly scale up or down according to your needs. If you want more information on how to save on your Microsoft 365 license, contact us today.

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