The Top 6 Benefits of 3CX Phone System

The transition from traditional phone systems to innovative VoIP technology is arguably the best thing that happened to modern businesses concerning communication solutions. Moving telephone communications from the public systems onto the internet has made messaging, calling, holding meetings, etc., exceptionally effortless, reliable, fast, affordable, and scalable.

As you may be aware, there are several VoIP business phone systems providers. What’s more, there are different means of moving your communications from the public systems to the internet-based telephone network. 3CX is one of the most sought-after VoIP phone system providers, and we’ve prepared this post to shed more light on how the phone system can benefit your business. But first, let’s find out what it is!

What is 3CX?

3CX is an open-platform phone system that runs on-prem on Linux or Windows operating systems. However, it also allows users to migrate it to the cloud either by themselves or getting hosted by a reliable VoIP provider. The latter is proving to be a preferred solution for many businesses, especially those who may not have the luxury of space, maintenance, security, and cooling of the phone system.

How can the 3CX Phone System Benefit Your Business?

The 3CX phone system is everything your business needs to enjoy affordable, scalable, simple, and flexible external and internal communication. If you’re tired of the high costs and maintenance headaches of the traditional phone systems, there’s a better solution for you in the innovative 3CX phone system. Here’s what your business stands to gain from making the switch:

Trouble-Free Installation and Configuration

Most VoIP systems run as software and can leverage the computer’s advanced processing power, plus they come with simple user interfaces and features, making installation trouble-free. In essence, anyone with basic computer and networking knowledge can install and maintain a 3CX phone system on-prem.

Equally, cloud-based installation is a no-brainer since the 3CX phone system leverages installation wizards. That means less server-side technical expertise is needed for a successful installation and configuration. We can’t say the same about the traditional telephone systems; they require the installer to be well-trained on that particular system.

All-in-One Communication Platform

If you’re looking for one platform for all your communication and collaboration needs, then the 3CX phone system has got you covered. Be it making and receiving calls, scheduling conferences, transferring calls, holding web meetings, viewing your colleagues’ presence in real-time, etc., 3CX has got you covered.

In particular, you can:

  • Connect with staff, clients, and other stakeholders via instant messaging, voice, or video.
  • Hold video conferences through 3CX’s integrated browser.
  • Know who’s calling and decide whether to accept or decline, thanks to the CRM integration.
  • Connect with more people, thanks to Facebook messaging, website live chat, and SMS integration.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

3CX phone system can lower your IT costs massively, as you don’t need to invest in expensive VoIP hardware. Instead of wiring extra ports, this innovative system enables you to connect IP phones directly to a standard computer network port. In other words, you can install software phones directly to your PCs, creating broader, faster, and more affordable connections.

The other cost-saving opportunity arises in eliminating inter-office call charges by connecting remote workstations and enabling virtual workers to use their own extensions, regardless of where they are. And the best part? There is no ‘per extension’ licensing, meaning you can have unlimited extensions for all your workstations – remote and on-site alike. You can save even more by installing the 3CX phone system on existing on-prem hardware or in the cloud as a virtual machine.

Optimal Scalability

If you’re using traditional phone systems and your business grows, you may be forced to get more phone lines or extensions, which are very expensive to acquire. But we can’t say the same about 3CX Telephony.

3CX gives you optimal control of your business phone lines and extensions, and you can save massively on costs in case there’s a need to upscale or downscale. You can simply direct your provider to add or remove phone lines to your network or do it yourself – just as you would business email accounts. Plus, you can add or remove as many extensions as you want without incurring extra costs in licensing. Amazing, huh?

Awe-Inspiring and User-Friendly Phone Features

3CX is the hub for the most awe-inspiring and easy-to-use phone features that your business needs to realize collaboration and communication efficiency. For instance, 3CX VoIP can route incoming calls into your business in various ways, either voicemail, extension, voice to email, etc. In addition, users get to enjoy other innovative features like video/web conferencing, call recording, auto-attendant, call flow management, click-to-call functionality, incoming call identification, etc.

If you’re busy answering a call, with more clients waiting in the queue, they can leave voice messages and even get prompts for a call-back once you’re done. The voicemail-to-text transcription also works amazingly, enabling you to read left voice messages directly from your email inbox. These and more valuable features are available in 3CX VoIP systems at no additional costs.

Increased Mobility

If your business has multiple locations or requires frequent mobility, the 3CX VoIP solution can bring you tremendous benefits because it follows you wherever you go. Regardless of your location, you can still pick up calls using a tablet, PC, smartphone, or desktop phone. Even better, you can receive a call from a client, then automatically route it to the next available remote worker for efficient service.

Unlike the traditional phone systems, where lines are tied to a single exchange location, VoIP eliminates that rigidity to enable infinite phone connections over the internet. That means you DO NOT need to contact any phone company to transfer your numbers or services to a new location. As such, you can move your business to wherever you want and still connect to other devices located anywhere.

Technijian is Your No.1 3CX Phone Systems Support Partner!

Are you looking to jump ship to this innovative, reliable, scalable, secure, and affordable telecom solution but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’ve got your cover!

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So don’t get left behind. Contact us today, and let us help you upgrade to a more reliable communication and collaboration solution at a fraction of the cost!

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