5 Reasons to Choose 3CX over Asterisk or sipXecs

If you are looking for reliable and easy-to-use phone systems for your business, you may not know the best choice to make, considering the options available in the market today, 3CX, Asterisk, and sipXecs. And with each claiming to be the best, there would be no way of determining the best one for your firm.

But you can always count on professional and experienced managed service providers, such as Technijian, to help you make the right choice. When it comes to phone systems, you can choose from 3CX, Asterisk, and sipXecs. While each is great in its own right, 3CX stands head and shoulders above Asterisk and sipXecs.

Here is why:

1. Windows-based

This Windows-based system is easier to set up and operate, as a relatively large number of users are already familiar with this platform. Since it’s a VoIP platform, you will find it relatively manageable compared to other modules, such as Asterisk or sipXecs.

Your business has plenty to accomplish, and some tasks are even more complicated than your day-to-day activities. You wouldn’t want to make your life more difficult by getting a phone system that would be equally more challenging to run.

2. Vendor responsibility

Unlike Asterisk and sipXecs, 3CX has vendor responsibility. This means that the manufacturer works to ensure the system works well and is always on the lookout for any loopholes and areas to improve. This makes for a stable operation.

Asterisk and sipXecs lack vendor responsibility since they are open source. You would have to rely on community fora to find solutions to any challenges you may experience. But these fora may not have conclusive or reliable solutions to your problems.

3. Full suite of apps

3CX has its own full suite of apps, enhancing its functionality. This eliminates the need to purchase third-party apps that may be costly in the long run. 3CX deploys with unlimited free access to 3CX mobile apps, web clients, 3CX Web Meeting, and a host of other apps that enhance the communication process.

Asterisk and sipXecs, on the other hand, require third-party apps to expand their functionality. These third-party modules can prove expensive in the long run. They are not suitable for small businesses trying to minimize overheads and drive their profitability to the next level.

4. Huge knowledge base

You will benefit greatly from the huge knowledge base provided by the 3CX community. This community continues to grow, as more information is released by 3CX software makers. You won’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about how you would troubleshoot a particular bug.

The other phone systems have a limited knowledge base, possibly because the vendors aren’t interested in developing and furnishing them with information. Since it’s open-source, no one wants to take responsibility for their development.

5. Documentation and training videos

3CX is much easier to learn and use compared to both Asterisk and sipXecs. This is because they have lots of documentation and training videos for almost every possible scenario. It even has a strong channel partner program that avails trained and certified resources for everyone.

Asterisk and sipXecs, on the other hand, have a steep learning curve. This is because they lack proper documentation. Training materials are hardly available, and you would need to allow your staff to learn the ropes. This wouldn’t be so good for your business.

How Technijian can help

If you are looking to adopt the 3CX phone system and wondering how to go about it, you can partner with us for a seamless experience. Our experienced and professional staff have all it takes to install and help you maintain this phone system.

If you need more information, please contact us today.

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