IT Services in Irvine: Why You Need Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data is valuable. Loss of data can cost a business and an individual, as well. Despite the gospel of ‘backing up everything’ being preached, most companies are yet to live by it. Any business approaching providers of IT services in Irvine for data backup solutions is merely ensuring its continuity. Data loss is a big deal. Unfortunately, 58% of the businesses are not prepared for such events. Worse still, 60% of the small businesses do not survive the impact of data loss even six months after an attack.

As mentioned above, most companies do not back up their data because they don’t understand why they need to. Here are some of the reasons why data backup is essential and why your company needs IT consulting services in Orange County:

The Increasing Rate of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is increasing at a rather alarming rate. No one is safe. Most small business owners would think that the fight is for large corporations. That is not the case. Small businesses are more vulnerable as attackers view them as soft targets. This is because most of them do not have data security measures in place.

Every 39 seconds, a computer is attacked. That should ring a bell: your data is not safe. Data backup solutions are there to ensure that despite a ransomware attack, your business operations will not stop.

Data Manipulation

Experts on IT services in Irvine will tell you this for free: most cases of data loss are as a result of insider manipulation. You may protect your data from outsiders. It is a good move on your end. However, it does not stop there. Your employees could, for one reason or the other be interested in manipulating the data or making it disappear. Data backup ensures that you have all information intact despite such threats.

Reducing Downtime

Accidents happen. Your hardware can malfunction, natural disasters may occur, and hackers may get a hold of your data. There is a common consequence for all that: it will not be business as usual. Note that all business operations rely heavily on data. An absence of it means that activities will be brought to a standstill.

As much as accidents may be inevitable, there is still something that you can do about the downtime. Backing up your data sees to it that your business operations do not stagnate for too long. As a result, you will save your business from losses associated with downtime.

Backup solutions such as the cloud are playing an essential role in protecting businesses from crumbling down. If you are looking for the best data backup solutions and IT services in Irvine, contact us at Technijian Corporation today.

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