IT Services in Orange County: Be Aware of the Cybercrime Markets on the Dark Web

Cybercriminals offer their services to the highest bidder. According to the experts on IT services in Orange County, the people who hire these criminals usually find them on the Dark Web, in one of the many cybercrime markets. As a business owner, you need to be aware of these activities so you can protect your company better.

Let’s look at a few of the options buyers can find on the Dark Web:

Ransomware Packages

One of the most popular options in cybercrime markets is ransomware. Programmers have put together packages of ransomware for buyers. The buyers can subscribe for a monthly fee or give the seller a cut of the profits made from ransomware victims.

Buyers then spread the ransomware to their victims via email campaigns or through holes poked into a company’s firewall.

Credentials on Servers

Another quick sell in the cybercrime market is verified credentials to servers around the world. Many of these servers belong to private businesses as well as government agencies, according to IT consulting firms in Orange County.

Buyers can browse a list of what’s available by country, city, operating system, or IP range. Each entry shows where it’s located, what it’s running, whether admin rights are included, and even the download/upload speed available. The buyer can purchase credentials on a single server for $8 to $11. Buyers often import ransomware or other malware to these servers.

Reselling Credit Card Information

The people who breach corporate networks to get sensitive customer data, like credit card numbers, don’t usually use that information for themselves. It’s easier and safer to resell it to someone else, according to IT services experts in Orange County. The buyers charge 10 percent of the credit available on the account. This leaves them out of the loop when a buyer uses the credit card to make fraudulent purchases.

Infrastructure Rental

Another profitable service available through the Dark Web is infrastructure rental. A cybercriminal will infiltrate computers around the world using malware. Then, rent those compromised computers out to others for a certain length of time at an agreed-upon price. The buyers often rent the infrastructure to conduct a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack or to send out spam emails.

This is just a sampling of what is offered on cybercrime markets in the depths of the Dark Web. You need to protect your company from cybercriminals. If you want to learn more, contact us at Technijian Corporation today. We are the experts on IT services Orange County businesses trust with their online and digital security needs.

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