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IT Services in Orange County: Neutralizing Ransomware Attacks

Businesses today face the threat of destructive encrypting ransomware, which IT services providers in Orange County help alleviate. While the severe consequences of ransomware are well-known to business leaders, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, if you are only prepared to deploy your backup data to overcome a ransomware attack, you’re not adequately equipped to thwart ransomware variants.

To have a comprehensive strategy for protection against ransomware attacks, it is essential to enlist the services of a specialty IT service provider near you.

Here are the top solutions offered by specialty IT firms to neutralize ransomware attacks:

Adequate Backups

If you rely on an in-house data backup process, it is likely for omissions to occur in which critical files are truncated or left out accidentally. This will cause your backup to fail when you deploy it. However, with the help of a specialty IT company, you will have consistent and complete data backup on the cloud with continuous testing to ascertain its integrity.

You won’t fall for common problems in the data backup process. As a result, you will have complete and accessible backup files for full restoration of operations in the event of an IT disaster stemming from a ransomware attack.

Also, your backups will be protected by an air gap, such as a disk-to-disk-to-tape backup, which a ransomware can’t reach.

Strict User Permissions Model

IT services providers in Orange County understand that ransomware attacks originate from network access endpoints and offer strict data access solutions to limit security weak points. In most cases, a user will commit an error that will provide an exploit for a hacker to inject ransomware on your internal networks.

An IT provider will configure a backup agent to a dedicated service account outside the network terminals accessible to your staff. By limiting their access to data backup files, there is no way for a ransomware attack to compromise your backup. Isolating backup files provides you with a failsafe method of keeping ransomware at bay.


The most effective method of dealing with ransomware attacks is to prevent them from occurring. Training your staff on the risks of ransomware will add significant value to your security strategy. With the help of an IT provider, you can educate your staff on the nature of ransomware attacks, such as phishing emails and mangled domains. With such training, you will achieve a high level of awareness and adherence to cybersecurity policies to reduce the possibility of a ransomware attack.

At Technijian, our IT services in Orange County help businesses maintain optimum operational efficiency. Contact us now to learn more.

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