Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan with IT Support in Irvine

Secure Your Business: Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan with IT Support in Irvine

Any business can get hacked, which is why it’s a good idea to work with an IT support provider in Irvine on a regular basis. Other scenarios that potentially lead to downtime include maintenance, power outages and natural disasters. Preparing for emergencies should be a priority for every enterprise, which is why you need a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan.

Taking Infrastructure Inventory

One of the first steps to crafting a customized DR plan is to take inventory of all your hardware and software. It should include every device and program, along with technical support contact information for each component. This preparation allows your IT support team in Irvine to analyze your infrastructure and conduct an audit to find vulnerabilities in the system and fix them.

Then you need to decide the amount of downtime you can tolerate for your business. For many businesses, there’s a near zero tolerance for downtime because any disruptions in the flow of business activity may result in loss of revenue. Deciding on downtime tolerance will help shape what type of DR plan you need.

Figure out the appropriate recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) for all applications. These metrics will help you prioritize steps in the event of an emergency and quantify costs so that you avoid surprises. Create three categories and rank them in terms of importance as a guide for prioritization.

Staff Responsibilities

Determine who the players on your staff and third parties will be to carry out your backup plan and assign them roles that they can practice. Each individual should be aware of the responsibilities and contact information of other players to create a cohesive plan for communication. Part of this step should involve clarifying how to respond to customers about downtime and updates.

Every employee involved in the DR plan should know where to go when a disaster occurs, as the plan may include relocation. They should have a map to the other site where the backup equipment and predetermined workspace is already set up. Then consult your service-level agreements (SLAs) and share them with your Orange County IT services provider. Together, decide what to do with sensitive data. Finally, conduct periodic tests of the plan to ensure it will run smoothly when a disaster eventually occurs.


The most effective way to avoid network disruptions is to hire an IT support provider in Irvine and develop a disaster recovery plan. Not only will it keep your business online regardless of the problem’s severity, it will also lead to greater customer satisfaction. Get in touch with Technijian Corporation to learn more about how to prepare for the worst so that you can maintain business continuity. Contact us now for more information.

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