Cybercrime has the potential to drive clients away and shut the doors. Cyber thieves are looking for financial information, credit card data, intellectual property, customer lists and other valuable information that will sell. There will be damage stemming from the virus or other attacks beyond the inability to operate. Data breaches have significant and diverse costs. Our IT support team in Orange County can help you prevent these costs from arising and keep your system up and running.

Cyber Attack Damage

If your business endures a cyber attack, you might find it difficult to retain customers or even attract new ones. Your business reputation will take a hit. You might even be fined by a regulatory agency for failing to safeguard patient or client data. Furthermore, there will be a cost and embarrassment involved in notifying everyone whose data was breached. It will cost money to pay for credit monitoring services and identity theft protection for victims to boot. If angry clients group together to take legal action in the form of a class action lawsuit, you will have to pay for a legal defense.

How to Protect Your Systems and Data

Evildoers will find it that much easier to access your system from the web if your firewall is off. Make sure this protection is on at all times. Furthermore, you should install digital security protections and update them with regularity. Filter email messages for viruses to catch them before an employee has the potential to open it. Teach your team to be especially cautious when using no-cost third-party software that claims to check for software updates. Free software might be included with malicious software. When in doubt, lean on our IT support team in Orange County to help determine if something suspicious is a threat.

Your employees should never open emails from unknown addresses. These messages might end up as a source of infection. Malware can be attached with anything, from ransomware to a virus. Instruct your employees to contact the person who sent the message if the attachment seems suspicious. Furthermore, employees should be aware that opening unfamiliar websites is unacceptable. All it takes is a random click to end up on a website rife with malware.

In general, the more popular a program is amongst those who work at your business, the more appealing it will be for a cyber criminal. These miscreants are well aware of the fact that few users patch their programs to combat malware infections. This is precisely why popular programs are such a convenient target. It is imperative that you should update your security software and other computer programs immediately after security patches are made public.

Always buy software from a reputable group. Do not fall into the temptation of using pirated software because there is a chance that it is infected with a virus. Furthermore, pirated software is illegal. Finally, all thumb drives and portable media should be scanned to determine if they are safe.

If you need IT support in Orange County, computers or other tech-related solutions, look no further than Technijian. We can help keep your network and your data secure. Contact us now for more information.

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Technijian was founded in November of 2000 by Ravi Jain with the goal of providing technology support for small to midsize companies. As the company grew in size, it also expanded its services to address the growing needs of its loyal client base. From its humble beginnings as a one-man-IT-shop, Technijian now employs teams of support staff and engineers in domestic and international offices. Technijian’s US-based office provides the primary line of communication for customers, ensuring each customer enjoys the personalized service for which Technijian has become known.

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