How Managed Services in Orange County Can Modernize Phone Services

For companies in need of managed services in Orange County, cloud-hosted business tools help boost efficiency and productivity. Lately, there’s been a swift wave of companies outsourcing cloud services to overcome various limitations presented by in-house IT personnel who haven’t kept up with cloud technology. So much of the budget can be conserved for other expenses by shifting to the cloud, even with phones.

Why Managed Services Should Offer Cloud-Based Phone Systems

There are many reasons why businesses that need managed services in Orange County should consider taking their phone systems to the cloud. One of the most important reasons is that you will maintain business continuity during and after a disaster if your cloud provider uses redundant servers that store your data in multiple locations. The system can be configured to automatically redirect your calls to various locations.

Traditional phone systems, on the other hand, can experience extended downtime if a power line is knocked out of service. Another problem with the traditional phone system is that it relies on the physical capabilities of its local infrastructure. But in the case of flooding, fire, or other unexpected disruptions, an old phone system will possibly be out of commission, while a phone system that operates in the cloud doesn’t have this vulnerability.

Business Growth Benefits

One of the catalysts for business growth is being able to cut costs while enhancing technology. Simple scalability is a primary benefit you get when you migrate your phone system to the cloud. You will be able to plan your growth more clearly and predictably, since you can add as many accounts to your database as you need with an exact idea on costs. It gives you more flexibility and room for experimentation, along with these other cost-saving benefits:

  1. Extensions and features are easily integrated into cloud services
  2. Hosted PBX doesn’t need to distribute hardware to customers
  3. Provides remote access to anyone anytime anywhere
  4. Less need for technicians to visit customer locations for troubleshooting
  5. Latest upgrades can be delivered seamlessly to devices

Mobility is another dimension of technology that integrates well with the cloud. Your business can expand its geographic reach by hiring employees in remote locations, since the cloud is an excellent environment for real-time collaboration. It allows team members to have the same phone functions as in an office with a traditional phone system. The fact that workers provide endpoints from multiple locations gives the company a chance to become a global operation without expensive long distance phone costs.

Ultimately, your customers will have a more hassle-free experience by moving your phone system to the cloud due to reliability for business continuity. If you’re not ready to make this change, consider a hybrid solution, in which you can connect your existing phone system to the cloud. This issue is solved through a process called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, which delivers video, audio, data, text, and more.

Consider adding cloud-based phone services to your managed services in Orange County. Find out more about how our cloud-based VoIP phone systems can help cut costs and grow your business by contacting us at Technijian to discuss your phone situation and options. We help businesses improve communications internally and externally.

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