Managed Services in Orange County: The Importance of Cybersecurity Training About Cloud Security

Managed Services in Orange County: The Importance of Cybersecurity Training About Cloud Security

There are tremendous benefits of migrating your business systems to the cloud. Cloud platforms facilitate remote work, information sharing, and data security. It is for these and many other reasons that the current trend is for businesses to use cloud services either entirely or partially. While using the cloud is both beneficial and affordable for businesses, there are some new security threats that accompany this move. With the help of a managed services provider (MSP) in Orange County, you can figure out where your company is vulnerable. In many cases, staff training can minimize many of the risks. Two of the areas where that comes to light is in managing access to your network and application downloads.

Access Management and Training

Your company probably has a system of managing who has a company device and access to the network. When new people join your team, they have to be onboarded, and when they leave, you have to remove their access. You also need policies in place for dealing with lost devices and for employees to report suspicious activity.

The major security issue you have to watch out for is hijacking accounts. If a hacker somehow manages to gain access to someone’s account, this could be very harmful to your business. Phishing scams and password cracking are some of the methods used. In this case, you might not be aware of who is on your network and accessing your cloud platform. This is why it’s important to manage access and restrict what information different users have, dependent on their seniority level and job description. An Orange County IT support company can help you with setting up these controls and training employees about how to keep their accounts safe.

Secure Applications and Training

One of the issues that managed services providers in Orange County often encounter is unsafe applications being used in business. This loophole for security threats occurs when users download unverified applications onto the company network. This could be to aid their work, for personal use, and for entertainment. Even without any ill-intent, an employee can cause a major security breach by doing this. Not all applications that are available out there are safe. Many of these, especially the free ones, can be the beginning of virus infection in your systems. It’s important for your company policy to restrict what apps can be downloaded onto the network.

Technijian Corporation offers a wide array of managed services for Orange County businesses. If you want to migrate to the cloud or are already using it, we can help you manage the security concerns and get your staff trained on security. Contact us now to get started!

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