Signs Your Device or Account Has Been Hacked

Managed Services Orange County: Signs Your Device or Account Has Been Hacked

A hack is just about the worst thing that can happen to your computer. However, the speed at which you respond to the hack matters a great deal. A managed services provider in Orange County will prove helpful in preventing digital hacks, bouncing back from attacks, and keeping your network in tip-top shape. Here is a look at some of the top warning signs to watch out for that indicate your computer or account has been hacked:

The Computer is Slow to Operate

A computer that dramatically slows is cause for concern. Hackers are now capable of hijacking smartphones and computers and using them to transmit malware or mine Bitcoin. If you notice any type of slowdown in performance devices or the network, it is time to address the situation with the assistance of a managed services provider in Orange County. Even something as subtle as an increase in the buffering of streaming video is a sign that you might have been hacked.

Inexplicable Financial Transactions

This is one of the top warning signs for a hack. If your account has been used to purchase something you have not used, it is a sign the scam artist has accessed your credit account, bank account, or another method of online payment, such as PayPal.

An Abundance of Pop-Ups

The appearance of more pop-ups while browsing the web is cause for concern. Viruses and malware are notorious for bombarding users with pop-ups. These fake messages try to get you to click them and enter personal details about your name, address, banking information, and so on. The best approach is to never click a pop-up ad.

Disabled or Faulty Security Programs

Malware will hijack your computer to the point that it disables security programs. If your antivirus software is disabled, turns on/off repeatedly or simply disappears, there might be malware on the machine.

Random Restarts or Shut Downs

If your computer shuts down or restarts randomly, it is a sign your machine might have been hacked. Such shutdowns/restarts are an indication unauthorized apps are in control or partial control and destabilizing the system. If your machine restarts or shuts down on more than a couple times, the assistance of IT experts will be necessary.

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