Is Your IT Service Company Helping Your HR Department?

Your IT services provider in Orange County should be able to improve the work atmosphere of each of your departments, especially your human resources (HR) department. The combination of modern technology and a well-trained HR staff can significantly raise the quality of the company’s workforce. Here are ways your HR staff and IT provider can work together:

• Managing recruiting activities
• Provide documents to new employees
• Track employee training and development
• Handle Paid Time Off (PTO) requests
• Oversee healthcare and benefit plans
• Document job termination
• Speed up redundant tasks

The HR department involves keeping applicant files in order and having the skills to evaluate the available talent pool. In the old days, many tasks had to be done manually, including documenting benefits requests. Sometimes there was lack of communication with other departments, but now, with cloud services and mobile devices, many of these tasks can be managed easily.

Your IT provider can explain how several common redundant tasks can be automated with software. The most economical way to access automation is through subscription-based cloud services, which charge monthly fixed rates to use third-party software systems. A cloud service provides you with a dashboard that can be accessed by administrators and employees to maintain work schedules and other relevant information.

Data Management

IT experts can help you connect with an industry database that stores information on applicants. The more relevant networks that you connect with, the more efficiently you can recruit desired talent. Your IT services provider in Orange County should be able to manage your database of employees and ensure that any given profile can be accessed quickly and easily. By having access to electronic files, issues with employees can be resolved promptly, which helps maintain positive morale in the workplace.

Using a database, whether locally or through a cloud service, can help your business save money on paper, storage, energy, and space. By storing files electronically, you will have less chance of misplacing or losing documents. The files will be backed up in multiple places so that you can still access the information when the main server is down. You will also be able to keep all your documents in one place.

Improved Communication

One of the keys to holding onto quality employees and reducing turnover is to maintain an atmosphere of employee satisfaction. A company can lose a substantial amount of money when it has to constantly keep rehiring. Keeping employee information at the HR department’s fingertips helps the company have a better relationship with staff members as individuals.

Apps can be integrated into the cloud for whatever the employer needs to interact with employees. For example, you can add a time-off tracker application to allow employees to submit requests for time off. Chatbots are another solution for improving internal communication. They perform as virtual assistants by answering employee questions through instant messaging.


Using modern technology can help your HR department improve productivity and reduce errors. Your IT services provider in Orange County should be just as business-savvy as they are tech-savvy and understand the importance of HR. Contact us at Technijian to learn more about how we can improve your technology so that you can focus more on your business goals.

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