5 Reasons to Choose 3CX over Asterisk or sipXecs

3CX has numerous advantages over other VoIP systems. Here are five reasons to use 3CX. Technijian – client voted BEST IT Services in Orange County. … Read More

IT support Irvine

How IT Support Providers in Irvine Help with Hosted VoIP Services

When allocating IT budgets, business executives aim to derive maximum ROI and increase productivity by exploiting VoIP IT support in Irvine. However, for businesses that are dependent on on-premise PBX phone systems, the limitations are a hindrance to operational efficiency … Read More

IT support Irvine

What You Should Know About VoIP from IT Support In Irvine

Your IT support provider in Irvine should know enough about VoIP, which uses the internet for phone service, to answer your questions about integrating it with your infrastructure. Those on the cutting edge of technology agree that VoIP is an … Read More

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How to Avoid VoIP Phishing Scams with IT Support in Orange County

The use of VoIP phishing scams is on the rise, and companies that use IT support in Orange County are able to prevent these attacks through the use of a managed service provider. Many businesses rely on VoIP technology, which … Read More

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How Managed Services in Orange County Can Advance Your VoIP Security

Managed services providers in Orange County are known for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, which feature cutting-edge features such as the smart assistant. However, as part of the network, your VoIP infrastructure is at risk of DDoS attacks, IP … Read More

Three Essential VoIP Features from Your Managed Services Provider in Orange County

If you are planning on setting up a VoIP system in your SMB, you should discuss your options with your managed services provider in Orange County. In general, VoIP is beneficial because it allows for the transmission of voice alongside … Read More

Why VoIP Should Be Part of IT Support in Orange County

Ask yourself how well your landline has been working for you. Does it ever drop phone calls or generate too much downtime? If so, find out from your IT support partner in Orange County if they’re able to help you … Read More

IT Services in Orange County: Selecting the Optimal VoIP Provider for Your Business

The average person is aware that it is now possible to make a call over the web. Such technology is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The question is how to distinguish one VoIP provider from the next. … Read More

Protect Your Business From “Vishing” with IT Support in Orange County

Continuous Updates: Necessary IT support in Orange County is more integral today than ever, and one of the most important areas where your business stands to experience exceptional profit in this regard pertains to cyber-security. From smartphones to personal computers, … Read More

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