IT Services in Irvine: The Edge is Near

There’s a new “edge” in town, and it’s worth considering! Edge computing has come about as a consequence of both the cloud and the Internet of Things, or IoT. This requires some explanation from IT services experts in Irvine.

IoT tech exists in smartphones, Fitbits, smart refrigerators, smart cars, tablets, thermostats, LED lighting displays, remote controlled doors, and the list goes on. Basically, anything that can be connected to the web and isn’t of the traditional computational variety could be classified as IoT technology. Currently, there are over 8.4 billion IoT devices throughout the world. In 2020, that number is expected to hit 20 billion. Meanwhile, the largest cloud computing array has about 2 million servers. Now, it takes a thousand million to make one billion. That means a fully integrated network of IoT devices could theoretically provide vast computing power over simple cloud arrays.

This is already beginning to happen in small areas. It’s called edge computing. It basically works like this: IoT devices act as processing media for a localized cloud. Essentially, instead of thousands of servers networked together into an array, edge computing does the same thing with multiple IoT devices. A company with 100 employees likely has 300+ IoT devices. If it’s a manufacturing company and smart manufacturing utilizing IoT has been established, then there could be thousands of available devices. Accordingly, some businesses have begun using an edge network as a means of optimizing operations. IT services providers in Irvine are swiftly establishing their own edge computing protocols, as doing so will very likely be a competitive need in the coming days. In the next two years, IoT devices are set to more than double. Getting ahead of that surge will make certain IT providers very profitable. Additionally, businesses that get on the edge computing train now are more likely to have an established beneficial advantage over non-optimized peers.

The Future

Cloud optimization is still a profitable enterprise, but a fully realized edge computing network accessible worldwide could be a game changer. It may just change the internet as we know it. Technology expands at an exponential rate, and this has been the case since the inception of the computer. Moore predicted this exponential rate would be reflected in a doubling about every 18 months or so. This precept became known as Moore’s Law, and current projections for IoT seem to perfectly align with it. Edge computing is on the horizon, but something else to consider is that it doesn’t represent the end of that horizon. Conceivably, technology will continue to double on itself at intervals. If your business doesn’t remain abreast of those changes, it may be very expensive to catch up. Working with an MSP to see if edge computing is right for you may be recommended now rather than later. Staying up-to-date on technology trends is definitely good for maintaining competitiveness.

Finding the Latest Tech Solutions

IT services in Irvine through Technijian can help you find the latest technology solutions for your business. Contact us now for more information pertaining to cloud computing, IoT technology, edge computing and other burgeoning developments in information technology.

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