Potential Traps of Public Wi-Fi

We all love public Wi-Fi, yet this amazing technology has the potential to wreak havoc. So, do not assume that open Wi-Fi connection is completely safe. You might be able to hop on public Wi-Fi and read the news or check out some prices without facing considerable risk, yet such a connection is not always safe for work purposes. The question is how much you and your team should trust public Wi-Fi. Below, IT services experts in Orange County explain why public Wi-Fi connections are not as secure as most think and what you can do to reduce risk:

Public Wi-Fi’s Hidden Dangers

You might think it is harmless to hop on public Wi-Fi so you do not have to use your own smartphone’s mobile data. However, using an open public Wi-Fi connection that is not protected by a password can backfire in a big way. All of the activity on public Wi-Fi can be monitored by others. If you conduct work while on this connection, anyone snooping can see what you are doing and steal your data.

Hackers are drawn to public Wi-Fi connections as they present an opportunity to identify sensitive data, pilfer it, and sell it or use it for other nefarious purposes. There is no safeguard in the way to stop the hacker from accessing the open public Wi-Fi network. Such public connections have minimal, if any, security features. If your business does not have enough security protections, protocols, and digital security education efforts, employees will eventually make a mistake on public Wi-Fi that haunts your organization. The assistance of IT services experts in Orange County can help prevent such a nightmare.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs are one of the best ways to ensure your organization’s information is secure while you are out of the office and using a network that is unprotected. VPNs use encryption to scramble your sensitive data while it is being transmitted. Onlookers, attempting to steal your data, will be greeted with a mess of information that is completely nonsensical— thanks to the VPN.

The Importance of Password Protection

Passwords are essential to digital security. The lack of a password will open the door for anyone to access your network. Ideally, several networks will be established. One network can serve in-house staff, while the other can be used by visitors to your office. The in-house network can be separated so certain resources are provided to your staff and others reserved for visitors.

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