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5 Reasons Why Network Management Should Be Part of Your Outsourced IT Support in Irvine

Network management is best outsourced to a reliable provider of IT support in Irvine, especially in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

To support and maintain network infrastructure, a proper network management system should be implemented. The bad news is that doing it in-house is costly in terms of money, time, effort, and skill. But the good news is that it’s something third-party managed service providers (MSPs) can offer at reasonable prices. There are also other benefits your organization can enjoy, such as:

1. Reduced Costs

As mentioned, setting up your organization’s own network management system is expensive. You have to buy equipment and hire specialized staff. The maintenance and retention will also fall on your shoulders. For SMEs, these are too costly to invest in. On the other hand, MSPs that offer Orange County IT services already have all those resources, and you only have to subscribe to their services to gain access.

2. Fewer Security Risks

Part of a good network management system is protection from cybersecurity threats. MSPs use firewalls, encryptions, antivirus software solutions, monitoring systems, intrusion detection systems, alert systems, and other security measures to ensure networks and data are safe at all times. In case of a successful attempt, damage is still mitigated and isolated so that operations as a whole won’t be affected.

3. Improved Compliance with Regulations

There are various regulations in local, state, and federal levels that organizations should be aware of. But keeping track of all of them— along with updates— can be challenging. Fortunately, it’s the MSP’s job to do that, so if you outsource your organization’s network management, your chosen MSP will take care of compliance for you.

4. Lower Downtime

When networks are managed and maintained well by a provider of IT support in Irvine, they run more efficiently. As a result, downtime is significantly minimized, and operations are carried out as expected. Downtime disrupts operations and leads to revenue loss, so reducing it is good for business. Customers patronize companies that are always available and reliable.

5. Better Productivity

Since downtime is reduced because of network management, productivity doesn’t halt. Rather, it’s sustained. Instead of stopping work to wait for issues to be resolved or try to fix the issues themselves (often unsuccessfully), employees can perform their main tasks with minimal interruptions. They’ll have more time to spend on their actual job, allowing your organization to focus on its core business needs.

For your organization’s network management needs, we at Technijian— one of the most trusted providers of IT support in Irvine— are here to help. Contact us today for more details.

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