If you’re looking to leverage the benefits of cloud technology but still concerned about security, virtual private cloud from a trusted IT support firm in Irvine could be your best option. Virtual private cloud (VPC) works in a similar manner as a public cloud, but instead of sharing space and resources in public infrastructure, it operates with some level of isolation between clients. This is achieved through a virtual local area network (VLAN) or private IP subnet on a per-customer basis. As a result, a virtual private cloud provides better security for small and medium-sized businesses.

Here are the reasons why SMBs should transition to the cloud— particularly the private virtual cloud:

Improved Security

The traffic to and from the virtual private cloud is restricted within the corporate firewall without going through the Internet. Your company can also establish routing policies to specify the users who are authorized to reach the cloud resources. Furthermore, you can utilize encryption technology to secure transmissions across the internet.

Better Mobility

Today, SMB owners can grow their businesses rapidly by outsourcing across the globe or by running virtual offices. Thanks to the virtual private cloud, organizations can enhance mobility by having employees working remotely and securely from anywhere in the world. That is achieved by connecting to employees through virtualized and protected services. However, you can still maintain a consolidated network while taking advantage of the resources provided by cloud technology.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Regular private cloud services often loop traffic through the company’s data center, which is a waste of bandwidth, router, firewall, and switch capacity. You literally pay twice for the bandwidth for primary WAN connection and the internet. With virtual private cloud from an IT support firm in Irvine, users take the shortest and most efficient route to the application and the bandwidth is billed for on-demand.

Improved Application Performance

The Internet can get congested at times, which drastically reduces the performance of your applications. Even if you sized your network for peak performance, inbound congestion on your internet connection can significantly impact application performance. IT services providers in Orange County can screen your traffic and mark and deliver higher priority services, so poor internet connection and less important traffic won’t be a factor.

Improved Scalability

Any business looking to grow must think about scalability. You need to invest in a technology that you won’t have to replace and upgrade repeatedly over the next couple of years. IT system infrastructure can be quite costly and can cut into your bottom line whenever there is a need for an upgrade. A virtual private cloud solution is highly scalable and you’ll only pay for the resources you need now. As your business grows, you can requisition additional resources without a significant investment of time and money.

Are you planning to move to the cloud or switch providers? IT support firms in Irvine, like us at Technijian Corporation, can easily and seamlessly transition you to a secure, efficient, and compliant virtual private cloud. You’ll only have a single portal to manage, so your in-house IT staff can be freed up to handle other core businesses. Speak with one of our cybersecurity experts today about the benefits of virtual private cloud.

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