The cloud presents a number of compliance challenges nearly every organization will have to deal with as we rapidly progress to a high-tech society dominated by computers and electronics. If you feel as though your organization is unprepared for adhering to the nuances of cloud compliance, you don’t need to worry. Our IT support team in Irvine can help with this seemingly insurmountable challenge. Below, we identify some of the top cloud compliance hurdles as of 2019.

Cyber Threats of All Sorts Loom

As more and more companies shift to the cloud, the number of cyber threats continues to increase. Cyber thieves are becoming much better at improving their attack techniques. If an unauthorized party obtains access to your sensitive data, there is a compliance problem. This problem will become that much more severe unless you enlist the assistance of elite Orange County IT services providers.

Shared Responsibility

Most new companies migrate workflows under the assumption that once data has reached the cloud, the vendor is responsible for storing it in a matter that allows for compliance. However, this is not the case in the slightest. According to the letter of the law, data security responsibility for information stored in the cloud falls on the organization itself. Do not spend for cloud services until you are absolutely certain data protection and compliance measures are in place.

Multi-Cloud Structures

In order to ensure your data is fully compliant, you must understand where it is stored. It is not enough to ensure the data is stored in a safe place at the data center on company property. Nowadays, some businesses have half a dozen cloud services and numerous employees tapping into that data from myriad electronic devices. Therefore, it is becoming that much more challenging to stay on top of where data is stored and subsequently accessed from.

If you have any questions about how information is stored in the cloud or which cloud services are best, our IT support team in Irvine is at your service. Now that multi-cloud structures are commonplace, it is up to each individual business to select a dedicated service for cloud management to provide ongoing information about data storage. When in doubt, lean on our team for assistance with this decision and you will rest easy knowing you have ample cloud support with adequate protection that ensures full compliance.

Cloud compliance is a challenge nearly every business will have to overcome in the years ahead. At Technijian, our IT support team in Irvine can help your organization remain fully compliant. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.

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