The Dangers of the Deep Web

There is so much activity on the internet, but what many people don’t realize is that the internet has different levels. Beyond the visible web, there is the deep web. What’s unique about the web beyond the surface is the level of anonymity there. Lots of illicit activities occur, and this is a concern for crime fighters. IT support providers in Irvine help businesses that end up in trouble due to malicious attacks from beyond the visible web.

What is the Deep Web?

The main divisions of the internet are the visible and invisible sections. What is on the visible web is available for all to see. Search engines such as Google and Bing have the information mostly indexed, which makes it easy to search for any information you require.

Beyond the visible web, there is the dark side of the internet, which is notorious for the kinds of activities that occur there. Access and visibility are limited and more complex. You can’t just type in a keyword and search for what you want. It is interesting to note that there is over 50 percent more traffic on the deep web than the visible web. The deep web also takes up 500 times more space than the visible web.

There is another section of the web that must be mentioned. In the depths of the deep web, there is the dark web. This is the most hidden and hardest to access part of the internet. The dark web only occupies a small section, but the level of illicit activities occurring there is nothing short of worrying. There are risks that businesses must be aware of, and as a result, managed IT services firms in Orange County usually devote much of their efforts to cybersecurity.

Recognizing the Threats on the Internet

Every day, cybercrimes are committed. Some of these affect individuals and even businesses. Experts in IT support in Irvine have found that businesses that are not aware of the threats can easily fall prey to a cyber-attack. Illicit activities taking place in the deep and dark web include the sale of illegal drugs and arms as well as the sale of confidential information, including personal identification and credit card numbers.

Fighting deep web crime has proven to be a challenge for law enforcement, and many businesses have faced the challenges and consequences of a data breach. Awareness about the risks on the internet is vital.

If you want to know more about cybercrime and how to protect your business, contact Technijian Corporation — a trusted provider of IT support in Irvine.

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