What Should Be on Your Cybersecurity Checklist

Every business should have a comprehensive cybersecurity audit checklist. However, plenty of companies do not take cybersecurity as seriously as they should. Below, our IT support team in Irvine explains what should be on your cybersecurity audit checklist to minimize the chances of a nasty hack or other digital problem from wreaking havoc at your business.

Encrypt Your Backup Data

Most companies use backup data just in case there is a digital attack, a natural disaster or another event that compromises servers, computers, etc. Once the backup data is encrypted, your team will be the only party that can make any sense of the data. Unfortunately, a surprising number of companies do not encrypt their backup media. Furthermore, after encryption, the data should be checked to ensure it is comprehensive and functional. Do not be intimidated by backing up data. Our managed IT services experts in Orange County are here to help encrypt all your data so it remains perfectly safe.

Dispose of Data and Equipment in the Proper Manner

Every document and file containing personal information or anything your business values should be secured prior to shredding. Otherwise, identity thieves and other miscreants might dive into your dumpster to access those documents and files, steal identities and wreak havoc.

Secure all Devices

Every company device containing client and/or company data must be secured, whether it is in the digital realm or the physical realm. All on-site file servers should be locked in a cage or room. Furthermore, the office should have a full-fledged security system to boot. Every single mobile device should be locked when it is not being used. Furthermore, all data drives must be encrypted so they cannot be used by a malicious party in the event they end up in the wrong hands.

Mind Those Administrator Privileges

Permitting workstations to operate in administrator mode subjects the machine to additional security threats. Furthermore, allowing workstations to run in administrator mode creates an opportunity for the full network to be infected. This is precisely why work should not be completed on any computing device operating in administrative mode. If you are uncertain as to how to enable/disable this mode, reach out to our IT support team in Irvine for assistance.

We are on Your Side

If your business does not yet have a cybersecurity checklist, it is time to make one. At Technijian Corporation, our IT support team in Irvine is here to help with your digital security. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help protect your digital assets and make the most of your tech investment.

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