Everyone is looking for ways to implement the latest technology, yet digital security is often lost in the shuffle. Your smartphone really is vulnerable to hacks and malware just like laptops and desktop computers. If your phone or one of your employees’ phones is lost, stolen, or digitally compromised by hackers, you will lose valuable information. This data theft has the potential to compromise your business, as most employees store company data on their phones. The question begs: how, exactly, should smartphones be secured? Our IT support team in Irvine has the answers.

Be Careful with Links Transmitted by Email or Text

Advise your employees to refrain from clicking links transmitted through email or text. Phishing scams that present seemingly legitimate links can be transmitted through email as well as text messages. It is a grave mistake to click links from unknown parties or links that look shady in any way. When in doubt, run the message by our IT support team in Irvine for review to ensure you do not end up becoming the latest victim of phishing.

The Power of Remote Wiping

If a phone is stolen or lost, it is not the end of the world. Our IT services experts in Orange County are here to help you wipe the lost or stolen device to ensure the data does not end up in the hands of evildoers. A remote wipe can also be performed after a specific number of incorrect passwords are entered to prevent a thief from continuing to attempt to access the device.

Activate the Screen Lock Feature

The phone’s screen should be locked after a certain amount of time passes. This way, if a criminal takes a phone left behind on a train, bus, restaurant or other public space, it will auto-lock to prevent improper access.

Be Careful When Browsing

Do not browse the web on your smartphone in a careless manner. Do not use a website that appears unsafe or unreliable. Never enter personal or company data into an unknown website, especially if it requests highly sensitive information such as your company’s bank account details or your personal credit card information.

Wi-Fi Connections are Not Always Safe

If you are not using Wi-Fi, go ahead and turn it off; otherwise, a hacker might be able to access your device without you having any idea he or she has gained access to all the sensitive data stored on the machine. Pay close attention to the phone’s network settings to ensure they are set up to connect to a network in an automatic fashion. Do not send sensitive data over public wireless networks as it is shockingly easy for others to pilfer that data for nefarious purposes.

If your company has not yet taken the steps necessary to ensure smartphone security, we are here to help. Reach out to our IT support team in Irvine at Technijian Corporation today if you have any questions or concerns with your team’s smartphone security or other digital security.

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