Cybersecurity training is one of the IT support services in Irvine that businesses should implement. Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not undertake this training, and this is expected owing to their limited resources. However, when you consider the fact that most security breaches come because of human error, then it becomes apparent that you must do some cybersecurity training to protect your business. Cybercriminals are now using advanced techniques to get hold of your company’s confidential data. Your employees should be your first line of defense. The following are signs that your employees need some enlightenment in matters security:

Poor Password Practices

If your employees are writing their passwords on Post-it Notes or regularly forgetting them and having to rest all the time, or if they have never updated them, it is a clear indication that they need security lessons. Poor password practices will cause system vulnerability.

Lack of Controls

Orange County IT support providers always warn against the tendency to click, open, and forward emails anyhow. Employees may be well-intentioned and they would readily open a mail imagining it could be from current or potential clients. Nevertheless, regardless of how good their intentions are, they need to be aware of the latest phishing and email scams that cybercriminals are using to get hold of confidential business data.

Improper Handling of Data

IT support providers in Irvine put a lot of emphasis on proper handling of confidential and personally identifiable information. If your employees are transmitting this data via email or instant messaging without taking into account password protection and encrypting, this means they are tripping security and some security awareness lessons could be in order.

Benefits of Initiating Cybersecurity Awareness in Your Business

Here are some of the benefits of equipping your entire team with the awareness and skills needed to combat cyber threats:

  • Security awareness training enables you to identify possible risks before they happen, and this keeps you a step ahead of the cybercriminals.
  • It also enables you to do a rigorous assessment while also cultivating a confident team that takes control of security measures.
  • If your employees know what to do and what to avoid, you will save time and money in the end as you will not incur the hidden costs of data breaches.

Generally, initiating security awareness among your employees fosters better security and minimizes security risks on your business. Consulting an IT support provider in Irvine on cybersecurity matters should be your first step in implementing your awareness program. To learn more about security awareness, contact us Technijian Corporation and our security experts will give you a comprehensive guide.

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