Every business today relies heavily on the Internet, and that includes even non-web-related industries. IT support providers in Irvine can help you filter web content even as your employees enjoy the convenience of networking, communicating via audio and video calls, and making financial transactions online. As a business, it should be your priority to filter the content that your employees consume.

Web content filters can help you reduce exposure to liability and cyberattacks by blocking access to websites like gaming, gambling, and social media that can drain on productivity. So, here are more reasons why your business should use web content filters:

Protects from Cyberattacks

You can protect your business from cyberattacks using web content filters. By analyzing and categorizing certain kinds of web traffic, web content filters can block potential phishing attempts and a number of other cyber intrusions. The cost of some web content filtering software may seem high for small businesses, but the losses that can result from a successful cyberattack can run into thousands of dollars. So, as IT support specialists in Irvine advise, it makes sense to invest in web content filters and safeguard your bottom line.

Reduces Liability

Employee misconduct was the primary reasons for the emergence of web content filters. Web content filter solutions from Orange County IT services providers are designed to block employees from browsing sites that are deemed inappropriate by your administration. Employees could be wasting valuable work hours watching pornographic materials, chatting on social media sites, and so much more. These activities can easily expose your business to costly lawsuits, including sexual harassment. Even if the employees access or post content jokingly, it could create a hostile work environment and other potential liabilities.

Reduces Time Wastage on Social Media

Social media has become part and parcel of modern life. So, you need to think twice before you totally bar your employees from accessing social media sites like Facebook. However, you can certainly filter out some employees from social media sites with your business web network, except for those who hold positions that require the use of social media. For example, marketers and social media specialists may need to access Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc throughout the day.

Since using web content filters can potentially affect employee morale, it’s important to communicate the intentions transparently before you implement the strategy. Save yourself a few angry emails by having a company-wide meeting to explain the reasons for the introduction of web content filters in your organization. Obviously, web filters have a lot of benefits to the business, but it must be done right.

Are you looking to improve your security posture, reduce legal liability, save bandwidth, improve productivity, and block not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content? Let our IT support team in Irvine help you set up a secure web content filter. Reach out to us and start a conversation with one of our experienced cybersecurity experts.

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