Managed Services in Orange County: The Essentials of Effective Mobility Solutions

A truly holistic mobility solution requires a number of important components. Holistic mobility solutions extend beyond mobile device management. Employees with mobile devices can work from afar in a completely secure manner. A mobile workforce is empowered to work from a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other web-enabled devices regardless of location. However, access to essential applications has the potential to backfire unless properly protected. Such protection from a trusted managed services provider in Orange County is also necessary to guarantee full compliance with regulations.

Here is a look at the basics of effective mobility solutions:


Truly comprehensive mobile solutions have numerous interrelated components. Mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones owned by employees as well as the business must be prepared for optimal functionality. From iOS devices to Android, Windows, and beyond, all sorts of applications, operating systems, and devices will have to prove functional regardless of employee location.

Accessing and Protecting Data

Protecting data is an essential component of legitimate mobility solutions. Mobile users access confidential information from myriad devices at varying geographic locations. Data must be protected when stored on devices and when transferred to devices. Encryption will prove essential to safeguarding such data. If you find encryption confusing or intimidating, don’t fret— our managed services team in Orange County is here to help.


Mobility solutions usually rely on myriad application types such as web apps, virtual desktops, Software as a Service (SaaS), etc. Each application has a specific purpose, yet no single application will suffice for all. Certain situations permit the use of SaaS apps, yet others mandate data not be stored on mobile devices.

Managing Devices and Applications

Mobile device and application management requires the application of policies specific to the employer. Such policies help guarantee adequate security is implemented for all devices and applications that tap into company data. Access to specific data will be determined by user sensitivity level, application sensitivity, device state, and a number of other factors. You can count on our IT services experts in Orange County for professional help.

Identity Management

User authentication and identity are integral to mobile devices used to run applications and access company data. Think of authentication and identity as the components that keep the entire mobility puzzle solidly in place. Identity and authentication control access to applications as well as data. Make sure you have the proper authentication process in place, even if it is something as simple as a username and a password. Consider the implementation of multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Do you need assistance with cloud computing, digital security, or tech in general? Our managed services team in Orange County is at your service. Contact us at Technijian today for more information about our services.

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