Benefits Of The 3cx Phone System

When you move to a 3CX phone system, you gain an open Windows-based IP PBX with high functionality and flexibility. Using global VoIP providers, you can decrease your call costs and connect your offices worldwide with free calls.

A 3CX phone system allows employees to log into their phone systems wherever they go. The easy-to-use web-based PBX console eliminates the need for telecom specialists and expensive hardware components that require hardwiring. This technology supports SIP phones, VoIP providers, and PSTN lines, and a web-based management console makes maintenance simple and easy to configure.

Based in Orange County, CA, Technijian can assist your company with business telephone systems such as 3CX. Find out more about this unique system’s features and how we can help you start saving money by configuring this system for your organization.

What Are The Features Of A 3CX Phone System?

The features offered by a 3CX include the following:

  • Call logging
  • Call popups
  • Call queuing
  • Call recording
  • Click-to-call
  • Instant messaging
  • Compatible with Android and iOS apps
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Remote assistance
  • Screen sharing
  • Voicemail forward to inbox
  • Web video conferencing

Why Are Companies Switching To A 3CX Phone System?

Companies around the world use 3CX phone systems. At Technijian, we can implement and maintain 3CX systems for companies of all sizes. In case you would like to know more about the benefits of switching to 3CX, here are some more details on the included advantages.

Cost Savings

Moving to a 3CX phone provider decreases your hardware, administration, and telephony maintenance costs. This means lower phone bills when you implement a 3CX phone system. Say goodbye to high costs associated with web conferencing and calls to offices in other countries. Remote branches can use unique extensions thanks to 3CX SIP providers.

Simple Interface

Since a 3CX phone system is easy to use, you don’t have to spend money on training employees. Basic features include easy installation, a click-to-call function, video conferencing, and mobile-friendly functionality.


You can use the 3CX phone system with VoIP, SIP, and PSTN technology. The system is easy to configure and comes with a web-based management console. Maintain security without hiring telecom consultants by using included security features for VoIP — which has options for FQDN and SSL certificates. This makes it possible to manage the PBX on an internal domain or physical server.


The 3CX phone system has features that will make your staff more productive by saving time. Journals and call popups save time and make it easier to make and answer calls. The system can also integrate Mail, CRM systems, and database servers.


A 3CX VoIP system comes with unlimited extensions. Use this feature to enhance collaboration within your company. Encourage employees to use the 3CX phone system to collaborate on projects.

How Does A 3CX Phone System Work?

3CX phone systems run on Windows machines. You can use them to connect to hardware or software phones and Android or iPhone smartphones. Businesses can keep their public switch telephone network as well. External lines connect through VoIP gateways or a VoIP provider.

Who Benefits From Switching To A 3CX Telephone System?

A 3CX phone system works well with a small or medium-sized company. Technijian technicians can install VoIP and provide support for 3CX technology at a very affordable rate. Get a quality phone system that’s well within your budget.

Why Choose Technijian To Install A 3CX Phone System At Your Company?

Join companies that are using 3CX phone systems to fulfill their business needs. Although it’s easy to set up, Technijian phone technicians can install the application quickly and give your employees documentation on how to get started. If you have a larger organization, we recommend using our technicians too set up your phone system. Let us facilitate the change to a 3CX telephone system and help you integrate all your lines.

Who is BV Communications and their Partnership with 3CX?

BV Communications is a Gold partner with 3CX, recognized for their expertise in IP Telephone Systems. For over two decades, they have maintained strong client relationships, demonstrating their deep understanding and technical proficiency in telecommunications. They are notably skilled in transitioning companies to new 3CX systems, thereby enhancing operational efficiencies.

What are the Pricing Options for 3CX Phone System?

3CX offers multiple pricing tiers:

  • Standard Edition: Free, suitable for small businesses, supports up to eight simultaneous calls.
  • Pro Edition: Provides advanced features like call queues and CRM integration, available via one-time purchase or annual subscription, supports 16 to 1024 calls.
  • Enterprise Edition: Designed for large organizations, includes high-level functionalities like sophisticated call center features and disaster recovery, available through annual subscription.

Partially Answered Questions about 3CX Use Cases

What are Some Business Scenarios Where 3CX Can Be Utilized?

3CX serves a variety of business needs:

  • Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs): Replaces traditional systems with a feature-rich, scalable, and manageable solution.
  • Call Centers: Enhances operations with efficient call handling and real-time performance analytics.
  • Remote Workers: Offers full PBX features remotely, maintaining productivity and team integration.
  • Multi-Location Companies: Creates a unified communication network, facilitating seamless inter-office interactions.

Comprehensive Overview of 3CX Phone System


The 3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX that provides comprehensive Unified Communications features. It is compatible with Windows and Linux, supports on-premise or cloud deployment, and works with a wide range of devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Call Management: Includes voicemail, call forwarding, auto-attendant, conferencing, call recording, and more.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces call costs using VoIP providers, minimizes administration and hardware expenses.
  • Ease of Use: Features a user-friendly web console, simplifies installation and maintenance without the need for specialized telecom knowledge.
  • Security and Productivity: Offers robust security features, enhances staff productivity and collaboration with integrated communication tools.

Why Choose Technijian for Your 3CX Installation?

Technijian specializes in the setup and support of 3CX systems, offering cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced technicians ensure smooth integration and comprehensive user training, enhancing your communication capabilities effectively. Technijian telephone specialists have experience installing 3CX solutions. Our experts will help you set the features that you wish to use. Contact us today to set up a no-obligation consultation so that we can show you the benefits of this innovative technology.


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