Our IT Support Team in Irvine Can Help You Reap the Benefits of MDM for BYOD

In order to remain competitive, modern-day businesses must implement a sensible yet secure bring your own device (BYOD) policy and set of solutions. Mobile device management, or MDM for short, will help keep your BYOD policy in check. The challenge is empowering your team with access to essential data at all points and times, regardless of whether they are using employer computers or their own personal devices. Our IT support team in Irvine is here to help you avoid security breaches, get the most out of your BYOD policy and add the proper MDM solutions.

The Importance of MDM

The majority of businesses with BYOD plans lack an MDM plan. However, these two plans should be complementary to one another. If your business has a BYOD plan yet lacks an MDM plan, your organization will be exposed to threats that lead to application/data breaches. Such breaches can ruin your company’s reputation. Our IT services team in Orange County can help you prevent such an outcome.

Achieving a Balance Between Digital Security and Comfort

It is best to think of BYOD as a balancing act of sorts. End users desire the familiarity and comfort that stems from using personal devices. Every business is looking for ways to safeguard its data while providing employees with immediate access to information from any point on the globe. The challenge lies in using BYOD in a balanced manner with user agency as well as security. This is precisely why MDM is so essential. MDM provides access to key work-related data, ultimately separating it from individuals’ data.

A lost device or an employee who quits has the potential to wreak havoc. However, the sensitive data can be wiped in a remote manner. MDM also empowers businesses to whitelist/blacklist specific apps to prevent application breaches. MDM solutions provide authentication safeguards such as multi-factor identification, data encryption and remote wiping/locking to ensure organizations achieve the perfect balance of security and productivity. Out IT support team in Irvine can give you such services for your business

A BYOD Policy Does not Have to Limit Your Business

The typical employee uses three mobile computing devices: a laptop, smartphone and tablet. This means if you do not have a robust mobile policy, BYOD will present serious challenges. Do not make the mistake of implementing a BYOD policy without considering the policies and rules necessary to ensure the program is a success. Take some time to think out your BYOD policy, considering how it will connect to your overarching IT policy. The BYOD policy should explain user expectations, regulations in terms of compliance and also provide app guidelines for employees. The best BYOD policies help the company organize the many aspects of our increasingly complex mobile computing devices and boost revenue without risking information security.

We Are At Your Service!

When it comes to mobile device management and BYOD policies, it is best to lean on the proven professionals. At Techinijian Corporation, our IT support experts in Irvine will help your business with these challenges. Contact us now to find out more about our services.

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