Cloud Migration Experts: Tips for Successfully Moving Your Applications

Businesses, with the help of IT support specialist in Irvine, are migrating their operations to the cloud. 77% of the companies have at least one of their applications in the cloud. As the benefits of cloud computing unfold, more companies are set to invest in cloud infrastructure.

For increased data security, scalability, and cost savings, before cloud migration, the following should be done:

  • Highlight the Reason for Migration

As part of the planning and preparing for migration, establish why you need to move your applications. This can help you identify an ideal way to migrate your data. For instance, if you are migrating your applications to take advantage of cloud services such as automatic scaling, deep cloud integration is required. Highlighting your intention for migration will help you benefit better from cloud services.

  • Categorize Your Applications Based on their Architecture and Requirements

Assess the ecosystem that surrounds your applications to determine if they can work in the new environment. IT support experts in Irvine have a platform that can support your application’s operating system. Ensure that the infrastructural needs of your application can be configured by your IT service or cloud provider.

Depending on the server, security, and network requirements, you can select the ideal cloud services for the applications.

  • Create a Migration Plan and Appoint the Right Cloud Provider to Work with You

Determine which applications should be prioritized in the migration. Have security, data integrity, and a continuity plan in place for the migration. Choose a cloud provider to work with you for a successful migration. Lack of expertise and resources is a significant challenge faced in cloud computing.

A reliable cloud service provider has a high level of experience and the necessary tools for the migration. The level of support provided during and after the migration should also be assessed when picking a provider.


Depending on the sensitivity of your data and the complexity of your applications, you can do partial migration. Migrate the entire application and run a test to confirm it works before switching your traffic.

Alternatively, you can move your traffic in phases. The first phase should test the environment. If the results are positive, you can move the rest gradually, while observing the environment.

Cloud migration should be adequately planned for. IT support experts in Irvine can help you mitigate challenges in your journey and have a smooth migration. That is by walking with you through the steps discussed. At Technijian Corporation, we offer professional and tailor-made cloud migration services. Contact us now for more information on how we can partner to move your applications to the right cloud. Orange County businesses can also contact us to avail our IT services.

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