Managed Services in Orange County: The Importance of Real-Time Objective (RTO)

Nowadays, the word “backup” means something different than it did a decade ago. It is better to think of the word “backup” as business continuity. The question is what, exactly, does business continuity mean? Our managed services team in Orange County is here to help your business understand business continuity, make the appropriate preparations and ensure your business can rebound from every setback.

Recovery Time Objective: What It Means and Why It Is Important

Also known as RTO, recovery time objective is best defined as the specified length of at time and service level within which a company process must be restored following a disruption/disaster to prevent the nasty results of a business continuity interruption. In other words, RTO is the amount of time a company can afford to be without specific services. RTO can be determined by a variety of factors ranging from the company’s finances to client expectations and beyond.


Simple assessments are those that determine the average cost a company operates at on an hourly basis. Simple assessments include the cost of employees, the loss of sales, overhead and so on. Complex assessments are the hourly cost per department or team including the costs referred to above. It is also necessary to understand dependence on specific services ranging from websites to phones, files, email, etc. The next step is to compare costs against the potential severity of services should they not be available. If you need assistance, our managed services team in Orange County is here to help with every aspect of your company’s RTO including assessments and beyond.

Once the cost per hour and essential items are put on paper, it is time to develop a strategy specific to your unique business. As an example, if archived files that do not make a daily impact on the business are lost, a cloud backup at a low cost will suffice as it is possible to recover files in a timely manner. However, if the company cannot function without email, it is prudent to rely on a virtual disaster recovery service that provides recovery in 15 minutes or less.

The overarching aim is to determine the potential impact of a setback and effort to rebound then implement a strategy for the areas the business requires to recover. The faster your business recovers, the more costly the solution will likely be. However, you should not lose sight of the fact a speedy recovery is so important. This is precisely why you must determine your true cost per hour and whether your company can afford to shut down for a specific period of time.

At Technijian, our managed services team in Orange County is on your side. Reach out to us today if you would like more information about how our Orange County IT support team can help your business reach its potential. Contact us now!

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